Noelle Silva

Japanese Name ノエル・シルヴァ
Romaji Name Noeru Shiruva
Nicknames None
Series Black Clover
Age 15 (Post Timeskip Age: 17)
Weight Unknown
Height 161 cm
Date of Birth November 15
Blood Type O

Noelle Silva – The Noble Water Magic User of Black Clover

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Noelle Silva, a prominent character in the anime and manga series “Black Clover”, has a complex and evolving personality. Initially, Noelle is portrayed as a reserved and self-conscious individual due to her troubled past and lack of control over her magic. She carries a deep sense of insecurity and often struggles with feelings of inadequacy. However, as the story progresses, Noelle begins to show tremendous growth and determination. She becomes more confident, compassionate, and fiercely loyal to her friends and comrades. Despite her initial shortcomings, Noelle possesses a resilient spirit and an unwavering determination to prove herself.


Noelle Silva hails from the noble House of Silva, one of the royal families of the Clover Kingdom. As the second daughter of her family, Noelle has faced considerable pressure to live up to the expectations placed upon her. However, due to her inability to control her magic, she was disowned by her family. Noelle’s mother, the Steel Princess, died tragically after giving birth to her, leading to Noelle being blamed for her mother’s death. These experiences have shaped Noelle’s character and drive her to become stronger.


Noelle Silva is known for her striking appearance. She has long, flowing silver hair and captivating blue eyes. She is approximately 161 cm tall. Noelle often wears the Black Bull Squad’s signature uniform, which consists of a black robe with a silver Bull insignia. Throughout the series, Noelle’s appearance undergoes subtle changes that reflect her growth and development as a character.


Noelle Silva has immense magical potential and uses water-based magic. Her unique magical attribute allows her to manipulate and control water with great precision and power. At first, Noelle struggled to control her magic, resulting in frequent mishaps and self-doubt. However, through perseverance and training, she gradually gains better control of her abilities and becomes a formidable force on the battlefield.
Noelle’s primary form of attack is water-based spells, which she can shape into powerful projectiles or defensive barriers. Her spells range from offensive attacks like “Sea Dragon’s Roar” to defensive maneuvers like “Valkyrie Dress,” which creates a protective armor of water around her. As she grows stronger, Noelle will unlock new spells and techniques that will further enhance her combat abilities.


Noelle Silva’s journey begins when she joins the Black Bull squad led by Yami Sukehiro. Despite the initial skepticism of her teammates, Noelle’s determination and growth earn her their respect. She forms deep bonds of friendship and camaraderie with her teammates, especially Asta, the series’ protagonist. Noelle’s journey is intertwined with her quest to overcome her insecurities, prove her worth, and protect those she cares about.
Throughout the series, Noelle undergoes various trials and struggles, each of which contributes to her character development. Her experiences help her discover her true potential and embrace her identity as a member of the Black Bull Squad. Noelle’s growth as a magician and as an individual serves as an inspiration to fans of Black Clover.

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Noelle Silva – FAQ

Who is Noelle Silva?

Noelle Silva is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Black Clover”. She is one of the main protagonists and a member of the Black Bulls Squad, a group of magical knights in the Clover Kingdom.

What is Noelle’s background?

Noelle comes from the noble Silva family, one of the highest ranking families in the Clover Kingdom. However, she has faced discrimination and pressure due to her inability to properly control her magic. Despite this, she strives to become a powerful magical knight and prove her worth.

What is Noelle’s magic?

Noelle possesses water magic, which allows her to manipulate and control water. She can create water-based attacks and defenses, as well as use her magic to heal. As she grows stronger, she will gain access to more advanced water-based spells.

What is Noelle’s personality like?

Noelle initially comes across as proud, stubborn, and somewhat insecure due to her upbringing. However, she is also determined, fiercely loyal to her friends, and has a strong sense of justice. Over time, she becomes more confident in herself and develops a kinder, more caring attitude.

Does Noelle have any unique abilities or transformations?

Yes, Noelle has a unique ability called the “Valkyrie Dress”. It is a form of magical armor that enhances her water-based abilities and provides her with increased speed, strength, and defensive capabilities. The Valkyrie Dress will change in power and appearance as Noelle’s abilities improve.

What is Noelle’s role in the Black Bulls team?

Noelle is an integral member of the Black Bulls squad. She serves as a fighter and provides support with her water magic. Her determination and growth make her a valuable asset, and she often plays a pivotal role in battles, both offensively and defensively.