Bai Ji-Shin Chang

Original Name 張維新
Romaji Name Bai Ji-Shin Chang
Nicknames Mr. Chang, Babe, The Walking Dude, Wai-San Chang
Series Black Lagoon
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Bai Ji-Shin Chang: The mysterious triad boss of “Black Lagoon

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Bai Ji-Shin Chang, also known as Mr. Chang, is a fascinating character from the anime and manga series “Black Lagoon”. He is portrayed as the head of a triad branch based in Thailand. Known for his enigmatic personality, Mr. Chang is a charismatic and formidable leader who commands the respect of both his allies and enemies. Despite his involvement in criminal activities, he stands apart from other crime bosses by advocating cooperation and joint ventures, setting him apart as a more pragmatic and open-minded individual.


Little is known about Bai Ji-Shin Chang’s background prior to his appearance in “Black Lagoon. However, it is revealed that he is a former police officer and leader of the Kan Yi Fan, which adds an intriguing layer to his character. His transition from law enforcement to the criminal underworld suggests a complex history, leaving room for speculation and curiosity.


Bai Ji-Shin Chang cuts an imposing figure with his distinctive appearance. He is often seen wearing traditional Chinese clothing, reminiscent of characters portrayed by Chow Yun Fat in John Woo films. This attire, coupled with his calm and collected demeanor, adds to his air of authority and mystery. Mr. Chang’s physical appearance is further accentuated by his dark hair and sharp, piercing eyes, which hint at his shrewdness and intelligence.


Mr. Chang possesses exceptional martial arts skills, particularly in the use of firearms. Like the series’ protagonist, Revy, he is adept at wielding a pistol in each hand, demonstrating his mastery of the dual-wielding style known as Gun Fu. In fact, Chang’s skill surpasses that of Revy herself, which speaks volumes about his expertise. It is strongly implied that he played a significant role in teaching Revy this particular style of fighting. In addition, his fighting skills and strategic thinking make him a formidable opponent, earning him the respect and admiration of those around him.


While details of Bai Ji-Shin Chang’s origins are scarce, it is known that he is a member of the Hong Kong Triad. His association with the triads and his role as the head of a Thailand branch add depth to his character and highlight his involvement in the criminal underworld. Inspired by the portrayal of characters played by Chow Yun Fat, Mr. Chang’s origin pays homage to the iconic Hong Kong action cinema, adding to the richness of his character’s background.
Bai Ji-Shin Chang’s character in “Black Lagoon” is a fascinating blend of mystery, charisma, and martial prowess. His enigmatic personality, combined with his exceptional fighting skills and unique background, make him a compelling character in the series. A leader who values cooperation and strategic alliances, Mr. Chang stands out among the criminal bosses of Roanapur, leaving viewers and readers eager to learn more about his past and the extent of his influence in the turbulent world of “Black Lagoon.

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Bai Ji-Shin Chang – FAQ

Who is Bai Ji-Shin Chang in “Black Lagoon”?

Bai Ji-Shin Chang, commonly known as Chang, is a prominent character in the manga and anime series “Black Lagoon”. He is a powerful and influential figure in the criminal underworld, especially in the city of Roanapur.

What is Chang’s role in the story?

Chang is the leader of the Hong Kong Triad in Roanapur, making him one of the most prominent crime bosses in the city. He is involved in various illegal activities, including smuggling, arms dealing, and drug trafficking. Chang is known for his strategic mind, resourcefulness, and fierce loyalty to his organization.

What are Chang’s most notable traits and characteristics?

Chang is portrayed as a calm and collected individual, often maintaining a stoic demeanor even in intense situations. He is highly skilled in combat, especially martial arts, and is a formidable opponent. Chang is also known for his distinctive facial tattoos, which are based on traditional Chinese symbols.

Does Chang have any alliances or rivalries?

Chang has a complex network of alliances and rivalries within the criminal underworld. He has a close friendship with the protagonist of the series, Dutch, who is the leader of the Lagoon Company. However, Chang’s relationship with other criminal organizations, such as the Russian Mafia and the Colombian Cartel, is often characterized by rivalry and occasional conflict.

What is Chang’s relationship to Balalaika?

Balalaika, the leader of the Russian Mafia in Roanapur, has a complicated relationship with Chang. While they are often at odds due to their respective positions of power, they also have a mutual respect for each other’s abilities. At times, they form temporary alliances to achieve common goals despite their underlying rivalry.

Does Chang have a code of honor or principles?

Chang is portrayed as a character with a strong sense of honor and loyalty. He adheres to a personal code that emphasizes respect, integrity, and honor among criminals. This code often influences his decisions and actions, making him a principled and reliable ally as well as a formidable enemy.