Japanese Name ダッチ
Romaji Name Datchi
Nicknames None
Series Black Lagoon
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Dutch from “Black Lagoon”: A Closer Look

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Dutch, also known as ダッチ (Datchi), is a prominent character in the anime and manga series “Black Lagoon”. As the leader of the Lagoon Company and captain of the former American Navy PT boat Black Lagoon, Dutch has a calm and easy-going demeanor. He is known for his level-headed approach to difficult situations and tends to stay away from the direct combat associated with the company’s activities.


Dutch is a former American soldier who fought in the Vietnam War, which provides insight into his military background and combat experience. After the war, he became the leader of the Lagoon Company, a group of mercenaries and smugglers operating in the fictional city of Roanapur. Dutch’s leadership skills and strategic thinking make him a respected figure among his crew members.


Dutch is portrayed as a middle-aged man with a heavily muscled physique. He typically wears sunglasses, which have become something of a trademark for his character. Despite his age, Dutch remains physically fit and maintains a strong presence among his peers.


While Dutch prefers to delegate the actual fighting to his teammates, his experience as a soldier and his leadership skills make him a formidable figure. He excels at giving orders and negotiating contracts with customers, often working with influential people such as Balalaika of the Hotel Moscow. Dutch’s ability to analyze situations and make calculated decisions contributes greatly to the success of the Lagoon Company’s operations.


Dutch’s origins are rooted in his military service during the Vietnam War. His past experiences and the skills he acquired during his time in the military have shaped him into the capable leader and negotiator he is today. Although his exact origins are not explicitly stated in the series, his background as a Vietnam War veteran adds depth to his character and influences his actions and decisions throughout the story.

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Dutch – FAQ

Who is Dutch in “The Black Lagoon”?

Dutch is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Black Lagoon”. He is an African-American former Marine and the leader of the Lagoon Company, a group of mercenaries who operate in the criminal underworld.

What are Dutch’s skills and abilities?

Dutch is a highly skilled fighter and an exceptional marksman. He is proficient in various forms of hand-to-hand combat and is known for his tactical expertise. Dutch also possesses excellent leadership skills and is adept at managing the operations of the Lagoon Company.

What is the Lagoon Company?

The Lagoon Company is a small group of mercenaries based in the fictional city of Roanapur, Thailand. Led by Dutch, the company specializes in smuggling, transportation, and other illegal activities. They operate primarily from their ship, the Black Lagoon.

What is Dutch’s personality like?

Dutch is portrayed as a calm, level-headed, and pragmatic individual. He is known for his professionalism and strict adherence to a code of honor. Often the voice of reason within Lagoon Company, Dutch is respected by his teammates for his wisdom and experience.

Does Dutch have any notable relationships in Black Lagoon?

Dutch shares a close friendship with Benny, another member of the Lagoon Company. They have known each other since their military days and have a strong bond. Dutch also develops a mentor-like relationship with the character Rock, who joins the Lagoon Company later in the series.

What is Dutch’s role within the Lagoon Company?

Dutch is the leader and captain of the Lagoon Company. He is responsible for making key decisions, planning missions, and ensuring the overall success and safety of the team’s operations. Dutch’s experience and expertise make him a vital asset to the group.