Dead Master

Original Name デッドマスター
Romaji Name Dead Master
Nicknames None
Series Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height 167 cm
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Dead Master – The Mysterious Antagonist of Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)


Dead Master, a character from the anime series Black★Rock Shooter (OVA), is portrayed as a complex and enigmatic individual. Known for her stoic and calm demeanor, she often exudes an aura of darkness and mystery. Dead Master possesses a strong sense of self-confidence and determination that fuels her relentless pursuit of her goals. She is portrayed as a formidable opponent, cunning and strategic in her actions.

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In the world of Black★Rock Shooter (OVA), Dead Master is the “other self” of Yomi Takanashi. This parallel existence represents the darker aspects of Yomi’s personality and manifests as a powerful antagonist. Dead Master’s origins and the reasons for her transformation remain shrouded in mystery, adding to her appeal as a character.


Dead Master’s appearance is striking and distinctive. She has long, wavy black hair with straight bangs that frame her face. Her most prominent feature is her neon green eyes, which give off an eerie glow. Dead Master is often seen wearing a simple Gothic Lolita costume consisting of a black dress and bolero with a white ribbon at her waist. She accessorizes with black gauntlets, leggings, and pumps. She also has a pair of long, vertebrae-like horns and a set of wings that sit low on her back.


Dead Master is a formidable fighter who wields a weapon known as the Dead Scythe. She is adept at using this scythe to unleash powerful attacks and manipulating chains to restrain her enemies, especially her nemesis, the Black Rock Shooter. Dead Master’s mastery of chains gives her an advantage in battle, allowing her to control and immobilize her opponents. Her skills, combined with her strategic thinking and resourcefulness, make her a formidable opponent.


Dead Master was created by huke as an original character for the Black★Rock Shooter franchise. She made her first appearance in the Black★Rock Shooter (OVA) series, where she served as one of the main antagonists. Dead Master’s character design, with its gothic aesthetic and distinctive features, has garnered a significant following among fans of the series.

Dead Master – FAQ

Who is Dead Master in “Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)”?

Dead Master is a fictional character in the anime series “Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)”. She is one of the main antagonists and serves as a rival to the protagonist, Black★Rock Shooter. Dead Master is known for her dark and gothic appearance, wielding a scythe and having the ability to control chains.

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What are Dead Master’s skills and powers?

Dead Master has various abilities and powers in “Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)”. She is skilled in melee combat and wields a large scythe as her primary weapon. Dead Master also has the power to manipulate chains, which she uses to bind and attack her opponents. She also has the ability to summon and control a dark forest environment.

What is the relationship between Dead Master and Black★Rock Shooter?

Dead Master and Black★Rock Shooter have a complex relationship in the anime series. They are portrayed as rivals locked in a battle between light and darkness. Dead Master represents the darkness and acts as a foil to Black★Rock Shooter, who represents the light. Their encounters often result in intense and visually stunning battles.

Can Dead Master be considered a villain?

Dead Master is typically portrayed as an antagonist in Black★Rock Shooter (OVA). Her actions and goals are often the same as those of the main antagonist, and she serves as an obstacle to the protagonist’s goals. However, like many characters in the series, Dead Master’s motivations and backstory add depth to her character, blurring the lines between hero and villain.

What is Dead Master’s role in the overall story of “Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)”?

Dead Master plays an important role in the overall story of “Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)”. As one of the main antagonists, she poses a formidable challenge to the protagonist, Black★Rock Shooter. Through her interactions with other characters and her battles, Dead Master contributes to the exploration of themes such as duality, identity, and the struggle between light and darkness.

Does Dead Master have a distinct personality?

Dead Master is characterized by her dark and mysterious personality. She is often portrayed as stoic, cold, and calculating. Her actions and demeanor reflect her role as a representative of darkness and her desire to oppose the forces of light. Despite her menacing nature, Dead Master’s character is also layered with moments of vulnerability and complexity.