Kagari Izuriha

Original Name (Japanese): 出灰カガリ
Romanized Name: Izuriha Kagari
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Black★Rock Shooter (TV)
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Kagari Izuriha is portrayed as an obsessive and possessive individual, especially towards her childhood friend Yomi. She is extremely possessive of Yomi, forbidding her from making other friends and declaring that Yomi is hers. Kagari is not subtle about her likes and dislikes, offering Mato “dirty colors” of macaroons and giving her an ugly doll. She is afraid of the outside world and prefers to spend most of her time indoors.


Kagari is a childhood friend of Yomi, and they have been close since they were young children. When Yomi had to go overseas for a few years due to her father’s job, Kagari was “broken” by the separation. This has led to her being extremely possessive of Yomi, not wanting to share her with anyone else.

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Kagari is depicted as wearing a white nightgown with very messy blonde hair that falls to her hips. She was believed to be permanently confined to a wheelchair, though doctors found nothing wrong with her legs. After the death of her “other self” Chariot, Kagari began to walk again.


Kagari is associated with a particular doll with brown curly hair, through which she sometimes speaks. The second episode reveals that she is not actually crippled, but has made herself believe that she is.


Kagari Izuriha is a character from the 2012 anime series Black★Rock Shooter. She is one of the main characters and has an “alter ego” named Chariot.

Kagari Izuriha – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Kagari Izuriha from “Black★Rock Shooter (TV)”:

Who is Kagari Izuriha?

Kagari Izuriha is a main character in the anime series “Black★Rock Shooter (TV)”. She is the younger sister of Mato Kuroi, the main character. Kagari is a shy, withdrawn girl who is often bullied at school and has trouble making friends. She is also suicidal and has attempted suicide several times.

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What is Kagari’s relationship with Mato like?

Mato cares deeply for her sister Kagari and does her best to support and protect her. However, their relationship is sometimes strained due to Kagari’s mental health issues and her tendency to push Mato away. Kagari often feels jealous of Mato’s popularity and social connections, which contributes to the tension between the sisters.

What is Kagari’s role in the overall story?

Kagari’s struggle with suicidal depression and feelings of isolation is a major storyline throughout the “Black★Rock Shooter (TV)” series. Her arc explores themes of mental health, bullying, and the importance of human connection. Kagari’s experiences ultimately lead her to confront her own darkness and find the strength to carry on.

Does Kagari have any special skills or powers?

No, Kagari does not possess any supernatural or combat-oriented abilities like the other main characters. She is an ordinary teenage girl dealing with serious psychological problems. Her story is based on realistic human experiences and emotions rather than fantastical elements.

How does Kagari’s character develop throughout the series?

Over the course of the series, Kagari slowly comes out of her shell and begins to open up to Mato and some of the other characters. She begins to realize the value of her own life and the importance of human connection, though she still struggles with suicidal thoughts and depression at times. Kagari’s character arc is one of gradual growth and healing.

Is Kagari a popular or well-received character?

Kagari’s portrayal of mental illness and suicidal thoughts in “Black★Rock Shooter (TV)” has been praised by many critics and viewers for its sensitive and realistic handling of these sensitive topics. Her character arc resonates with many fans who appreciate the nuanced exploration of her struggles. However, Kagari is not necessarily the most popular or loved character in the series, as the focus tends to be more on the fantastical aspects of Black★Rock Shooter.