Original Name (Japanese): ν-No.13-
Romaji Name: Nu-No.13-
Nicknames: Nu, Nu-13
Series: BlazBlue
Age: Unknown (Appears to be a young girl)
Weight: 45 kg
Height: 155 cm
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Affiliation: Murakumo Units
Occupation: Murakumo Unit


Nu-13 is portrayed as having a split personality. When around others, she is an emotionless and cold girl. However, when she is around Ragna the Bloodge, she exhibits a Yandere-like obsession, wanting to absorb and merge with him. This split personality may be how she was programmed to behave. She is fixated on Ragna, thinking about him constantly and valuing only him. She is merciless to everyone else, trying to terminate them as “hostile subjects”.


Nu-13 is an artificial human, a Murakumo unit, sealed within the Sheol Gate in the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi. She was programmed to terminate anyone deemed a hostile subject who approached the gate. Nu-13 shares some of the memories of Saya, the sister of Ragna and Jin, as she was created as a replica of Saya.

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Nu-13 is described as a frail and thin girl with pale skin, large sunken red eyes, and gray hair. Most of her hair is worn in a very long ponytail. Her appearance is that of a young girl, standing 155 cm tall and weighing 45 kg.


As a Murakumo unit, Nu-13 has abnormal combat abilities. She can repair herself and fight in peak condition. Her Drive ability allows her to control the battlefield with fast, long-range projectiles, making her a formidable Zoner-type character. She also has the ability to recognize Hakumen as a “Sankishin Unit”.


Nu-13 was created as a replica of Saya, Ragna and Jin’s sister. Along with Noel Vermillion, she shares some of Saya’s memories, though not in a cohesive manner. Nu-13’s sole purpose is to terminate anyone deemed a threat and to merge with Ragna the Bloodge, as they both possess a piece of the Azure Grimoire, though the pieces are imitations.

Nu-13 – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Nu-13 from “BlazBlue: Alter Memory:

Who is Nu-13?

Nu-13 is one of the main characters in the BlazBlue video game series. She is an android created by the organization Sector Seven and serves as the main antagonist in the story of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger.

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What is Nu-13’s role in the story of BlazBlue?

Nu-13 is a “Murakumo Unit”, an artificial human created to be a vessel for the Azure Grimoire. She was created to assist the antagonist Ragna the Bloodge, but her obsession with him causes her to become a dangerous enemy instead.

What are Nu-13’s abilities?

As a Murakumo unit, Nu-13 possesses superhuman strength, speed, and regenerative abilities. She wields a large sword called the “Sword of the Emperor” and can control multiple swords at once through the powers of her Azure Grimoire.

How does Nu-13’s character develop throughout the story?

At first, Nu-13 is a cold and merciless killer, focused solely on her mission to help Ragna. However, as she spends more time with him, she begins to develop genuine feelings and a desire to protect him, leading to an internal conflict as her programming and emotions clash.

What is the significance of Nu-13’s relationship with Ragna?

Ragna is Nu-13’s designated “Watcher,” the person she was created to serve and protect. Their complicated relationship, which oscillates between antagonism and a strange form of affection, is central to Nu-13’s character arc and the overall narrative of BlazBlue.

How does Nu-13’s role evolve in later BlazBlue games?

In subsequent BlazBlue titles, Nu-13’s role becomes more nuanced as she struggles to reconcile her programming with her growing humanity. She becomes a more complex, sympathetic character as the story explores the moral ambiguities surrounding her creation and purpose.