Original Name コン
Romaji Name Kon
Nicknames Kaizou Konpaku, King of New York
Series Bleach
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth December 30
Blood Type N/A

Kon from Bleach: A lively and mischievous ModSoul

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Kon, also known as Kaizou Konpaku, is a lively and mischievous character in the popular anime and manga series Bleach. He primarily serves as a comedic foil, providing lighthearted moments and comic relief throughout the story. Kon’s personality is characterized by his perverted nature and his desire for attention from pretty girls. He often uses his stuffed animal form to try to get hugs, although his attempts rarely go as planned.
Despite his mischievous tendencies, Kon has a kind heart and cares deeply for his friends. He is especially fond of Rukia, whom he refers to as his “sister,” although he extends his affection to any pretty girl he meets. Kon’s humorous and sometimes flirtatious interactions with the other characters add an entertaining dynamic to the series.


Kon is a special type of soul pill known as a “modified soul” or “ModSoul”. These ModSouls were created by the Soul Society to enhance the abilities of normal souls when implanted into their bodies. However, due to the shady origins of the ModSouls, the Soul Society ordered their destruction. By a stroke of luck, Kon was accidentally shipped out with a shipment of regular soul pills, saving him from destruction.


Kon has a unique appearance. When not inhabiting the body of Ichigo Kurosaki, he takes the form of a small plush lion. His plush body is an imitation of the main character from the popular TV series Carnivore Kingdom, named “Ponkichi”. Despite being a cute stuffed animal, Kon’s body is often treated with little respect and subjected to humorous mistreatment, adding to his comedic role in the series.


As a ModSoul, Kon possesses increased speed and strength when inserted into a body. These abilities make him a formidable ally in battle, allowing him to assist his friends during intense battles. However, Kon’s true strength lies in his ability to provide comedic relief and lighten the mood during serious moments.


Kon’s name, given to him by Ichigo, comes from the word “Konpaku” within the term “Kaizou Konpaku,” which means “modified soul” in Japanese. Kon’s name reflects his identity as a ModSoul and his role in the series. He embodies the spirit of fun and mischief and brings a unique charm to the story of Bleach.

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Kon – FAQ

Who is Kon in “Bleach”?

Kon is a character from the manga and anime series “Bleach”. He is a modified soul, also known as a Mod-Soul, created by the Soul Society’s Research and Development Department. Kon is designed to inhabit artificial bodies and plays a comedic role in the series.

What does Kon look like?

Kon appears as a small stuffed lion with a zipper on his back. When the zipper is opened, he can enter and possess the artificial bodies created by the Soul Society.

What are Kon’s abilities?

Kon himself doesn’t have any special abilities. However, when he inhabits an artificial body, he gains the physical abilities of that body, such as increased strength and agility.

What is Kon’s role in the show?

Kon serves primarily as a comedic relief character in Bleach. He often finds himself in humorous situations, providing lighthearted moments amidst the intense battles and serious storylines of the series.

Does Kon have a significant relationship with any of the other characters?

Kon forms a close bond with Ichigo Kurosaki, the main protagonist of Bleach. He first inhabits Ichigo’s body and later becomes a companion and friend. Kon also develops friendships with other characters, most notably the Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki.

Can Kon communicate with humans?

Yes, Kon can communicate with humans. While inhabiting an artificial body, he can speak and interact with others just like a normal person. However, due to his comedic nature, his dialogue often contains humorous and exaggerated expressions.