Pesche Guatiche

Original Name ペッシェ・ガティーシェ
Romaji Name Pesshe Gatīshe
Series Bleach
Date of Birth
Blood Type


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The Quirky Hollow from Bleach


Pesche Guatiche, a character from the popular anime and manga series Bleach, is known for his eccentric and comedic personality. He has a light-hearted and carefree demeanor, often providing comic relief in intense situations. Despite his humorous nature, Pesche is a loyal and protective individual, especially towards his fellow Arrancar, Nel Tu.


Pesche Guatiche is introduced as one of Nel Tu’s “brothers” and protectors. He and his companion, Dondochakka, were once Nel Tu’s Fracción, serving under her command. However, their masks were forcibly removed by Nnoitra, leaving them defenseless. Despite their weakened state, Pesche and Dondochakka remained loyal to Nel Tu and vowed to protect her, hiding their true identities from her.


Pesche Guatiche has a distinctive appearance that reflects his quirky personality. He takes the form of a humanoid hollow, with a mask that resembles an insectoid head adorned with large mandibles. He wears an eye patch and a loincloth, giving him a unique and unconventional look. Pesche’s hollow is located near his stomach rather than his chest, a departure from the typical hollow anatomy.


Pesche has a unique ability called “Infinite Slick”. By spraying his saliva on an object, he can significantly reduce its friction, making it slippery. Although this ability may seem trivial, Pesche demonstrates its usefulness by rendering Cirucci’s weapon ineffective and causing opponents to lose their footing or grip on things. In addition, Pesche can perform a synchronized Cero attack with Dondochakka, demonstrating his combat prowess.
In addition to his abilities, Pesche wields an energy sword known as Ultima. He likens it to Uryū’s soul cutter, and humorously pulls it out of his loincloth with its phallic hilt. This weapon contributes to Pesche’s unconventional and humorous fighting style.

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Pesche Guatiche originated in Tite Kubo’s manga series Bleach, which was later adapted into an anime. The character first appeared during the Hueco Mundo arc of the series, where he played a supporting role as Nel Tu’s loyal companion. Pesche’s distinctive design and comedic nature add to the diverse cast of characters that populate the Bleach universe.
Despite being a fairly harmless hollow, Pesche’s unique abilities and unwavering loyalty make him an endearing and memorable character in the series. His comedic antics and devotion to protecting Nel Tu add depth and charm to the story of Bleach.

Pesche Guatiche – FAQ

Who is Pesche Guatiche in “Bleach”?

Pesche Guatiche is a character from the manga and anime series “Bleach”. He is a Hollow, a malevolent spirit that feeds on the souls of the living and the dead. However, Pesche is different from most Hollows as he has a unique personality and comedic traits.

What is Pesche Guatiche’s role in “Bleach”?

Pesche Guatiche serves as a comic relief character in Bleach. He often appears alongside his partner Dondochakka Birstanne, and the two provide humorous moments throughout the series. Although Pesche is not a main character, he contributes to the overall lightheartedness of the story.

What does Pesche Guatiche look like?

Pesche Guatiche has a very distinctive appearance. He is a large hollow with a round body covered in light blue skin. Pesche has a wide mouth with sharp teeth and a pair of small beady eyes. He wears a white jacket with a high collar and a black belt around his waist.

What are Pesche Guatiche’s powers?

Pesche Guatiche possesses typical Hollow powers, including enhanced strength, speed, and the ability to regenerate his body. However, he is not portrayed as a formidable fighter, relying more on his comedic presence than his combat skills.

What is Pesche Guatiche’s relationship to the other characters?

Pesche Guatiche is closely related to Dondochakka Birstanne, another comedic Hollow character in Bleach. The two are often seen together and share a strong bond. They support each other and provide comic relief in various situations.

Does Pesche Guatiche have any major arcs?

Pesche Guatiche does not have any major story arcs dedicated solely to his character. However, he appears in several comedic and action scenes throughout the series, primarily as a supporting character. His interactions with other characters often lead to humorous situations.