Original Name ハジ
Romaji Name Haji
Nicknames Saya’s Chevalier
Series Blood+
Age 142 (appears 22)
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


The mysterious companion in “Blood+”.


Haji, a prominent character in the anime series “Blood+”, has a complex and enigmatic personality. He is portrayed as a loyal and devoted companion to the main protagonist, Saya Otonashi. Haji’s unwavering devotion to Saya is evident throughout the series, as he is willing to go to great lengths to protect her and fulfill her wishes. Despite his stoic demeanor, Haji harbors deep emotions, especially his deep love for Saya, which is revealed later in the series.


Haji’s background is closely tied to Saya’s story. He first met Saya when he was only a child of twelve and was brought to be her companion by a man named Joel. It is revealed that Haji’s right arm is covered in bandages, concealing some chiropteran features resulting from a traumatic incident during the Vietnam War. Saya inadvertently made him her “Chevalier” by feeding him her blood, granting him immortality and binding him to her as her eternal protector.


Haji has a striking appearance that exudes a sense of mystery. He appears to be a young man in his early twenties, though he is 142 years old. Haji’s distinctive features include his long blue hair, which he wears in a ponytail, and his piercing silver eyes. He is often seen dressed in stylish and formal attire, reflecting his refined and elegant nature. Haji’s physical appearance, combined with his calm and collected demeanor, adds to his allure and enigmatic personality.


Haji possesses several remarkable abilities that contribute to his role as Saya’s protector. He is an accomplished cellist, having learned the instrument from Saya herself. Haji carries his cello in a large black case that doubles as a weapon and shield, emphasizing his versatility in combat situations. He also fights with a collection of silver daggers, which he wields with precision and agility. Haji’s immortality gives him the ability to withstand injuries that would be fatal to humans, making him a formidable force against their enemies.


Haji’s origin is closely tied to the history of Saya and the world of the Chiropterans. Originally a human, he was transformed into a Chevalier by Saya’s unintentional act of feeding him her blood. As her Chevalier, Haji remains eternally bound to Saya and is driven by his sole purpose to protect her. His unique abilities and unwavering loyalty make him an integral part of Saya’s journey to uncover the truth behind her existence and fulfill her destiny.

Haji – FAQ

FAQ about Haji from “Blood+”.

Who is Haji?
Haji is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Blood+”. He is a chevalier, a vampire who serves as a protector and companion to the protagonist, Saya Otonashi.
What is Haji’s role in the story?
Haji plays a crucial role in the story as Saya’s loyal companion and supporter. He has been at her side for centuries, serving as her protector and helping her in her battles against the Chiropterans, the main antagonists of the series.
What are Haji’s abilities?
As a Chevalier, Haji has enhanced strength, speed, and healing abilities typical of vampires in the Blood+ universe. He is also skilled in combat and has mastered a variety of weapons, most notably the cello case, which conceals a deadly sword.
How does Haji’s relationship with Saya develop over the course of the series?
Haji’s relationship with Saya is complex and evolves over time. In the beginning, he is portrayed as a loyal servant, but as the story progresses, it becomes clear that there is a deep bond between them. Their relationship is one of trust, sacrifice, and a shared history that spans centuries.
What is Haji’s backstory?
Haji’s past is gradually revealed throughout the series. He was once a human musician in the 19th century who formed a close bond with Saya. However, due to certain events, he was transformed into a knight by Saya’s blood and has been serving her ever since.
Does Haji have any weaknesses?
Like other vampires in the “Blood+” series, Haji is vulnerable to sunlight and can be severely weakened or killed if exposed. In addition, his powers are tied to Saya’s blood, so if she is injured or her blood supply is depleted, it can affect his abilities.
Will Haji have significant character development?
Haji’s character undergoes significant development over the course of the series. While initially portrayed as stoic and reserved, his interactions with Saya and the challenges they face together lead to moments of emotional growth and self-discovery.