Dai Miyamoto

Original Name (Japanese): 宮本 大
Romaji Name: Miyamoto Dai
Nicknames: None
Series: Blue Giant, Blue Giant Supreme
Age: Not specified
Weight: Not specified
Height: Not specified
Date of Birth: Not specified
Blood Type: Not specified


Dai Miyamoto is the main protagonist of the Blue Giant manga series. He is described as a determined and passionate individual who is captivated by the world of jazz music. Despite having no musical background at first, Dai dedicates himself wholeheartedly to mastering the saxophone, driven by his desire to create beautiful music.


Dai is originally a regular high school student until his classmate Shuhei introduces him to the saxophone and the allure of jazz. This chance encounter ignites Dai’s lifelong passion for music, leading him to abandon his original plans and pursue a career as a professional saxophonist.

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Dai is portrayed as a tall, athletic young man with a determined expression. He has short, dark hair and a muscular build, reflecting his background as a basketball player. In the manga, Dai is often shown wearing casual clothes, such as t-shirts and jeans, when he is not performing on stage.


Dai’s main skill is his exceptional talent and dedication to playing the saxophone. Despite his lack of prior musical experience, he quickly becomes a skilled saxophonist through countless hours of practice and unwavering determination. His natural aptitude for music, combined with his unwavering focus, allows him to excel in the world of jazz.


Dai Miyamoto is the main character of the “Blue Giant” manga series created by mangaka Shinichi Ishizuka. The story follows Dai’s journey as he discovers his passion for jazz music and his subsequent efforts to become a professional saxophonist, overcoming various challenges and obstacles along the way.

Dai Miyamoto – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Dai Miyamoto of “Blue Giant”:

Who is Dai Miyamoto?

Dai Miyamoto is the protagonist of the Blue Giant manga series. He is a talented young jazz saxophonist who dreams of becoming a professional musician and joining the ranks of the jazz greats.

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What is Dai’s background?

Dai comes from a working class family and initially struggles to balance his passion for music with the expectations of his parents who want him to pursue a more stable career. Growing up in a small town, he is initially self-taught on the saxophone before beginning formal music training.

What is Dai’s musical journey in the story?

The manga follows Dai’s journey as he works tirelessly to hone his saxophone skills, overcome setbacks, and ultimately pursue his dream of becoming a professional jazz musician. He faces challenges such as financial problems, self-doubt, and competition from other talented musicians.

How does Dai’s character develop over the course of the story?

Dai starts out as a somewhat naive and insecure young man, but he grows in confidence and determination as he continues on his musical journey. He learns valuable lessons about dedication, resilience, and the sacrifices required to succeed in the competitive world of jazz music.

What is Dai’s relationship like with his bandmates and other musicians?

Dai forms close relationships with the other members of his jazz band, who become like a second family to him. He also interacts with and is influenced by accomplished jazz musicians he meets along the way, some of whom become his mentors.

How does Dai’s story end?

The manga follows Dai’s journey to a certain point, but does not depict the ultimate conclusion of his story. Readers are left to imagine Dai’s continued growth and potential success as a professional jazz musician, as the series emphasizes the importance of the journey itself rather than a definitive end point.