Reo Mikage

Japanese Name 御影 玲王
Romaji Name Reo Mikage
Nicknames Leo
Series Blue Lock
Age 17
Weight N/A
Height 185 cm
Date of Birth August 12
Blood Type B


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The talented and charismatic star of Blue Lock


Reo Mikage, a prominent character in the Blue Lock manga and anime series, is known for his charismatic and outgoing personality. During his high school years, he had a wide circle of friends and was highly regarded as a top student. Reo’s happy and outgoing personality made him popular among his peers. However, despite his outward charm, Reo often grew bored with the attention and admiration he received. He longed for something more meaningful, a challenge that would truly test his abilities.


At the age of 17, Reo Mikage is the heir to the Mikage Corporation, a prestigious and wealthy conglomerate. From a young age, Reo had everything he wanted, including games, toys, and luxury items. However, he felt a sense of emptiness and wanted something he could truly appreciate, something that wasn’t easily obtainable. It was during his freshman year of high school that he stumbled upon a video of the World Cup and discovered his passion for soccer. Despite his father’s disapproval and desire for him to pursue a career in business, Reo was determined to prove himself in the world of soccer.


Reo Mikage has a tall and attractive figure, complemented by a lean and strong physique. He has chin-length purple hair, often tied up in a high bun, with two asymmetrical curls framing his face. His bright purple eyes match his vibrant hair color perfectly. During his high school years, Reo was considered quite popular and had many admirers. During the Bluelock games, he can be seen wearing the dark Team V uniform, which adds to his overall charismatic presence on the field.


Reo Mikage is not only blessed with good looks, but also possesses exceptional soccer skills. He is known for his dexterity and ability to mimic the moves of his opponents, making him a formidable player. Reo approaches the game with a tactical mind, carefully analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents. His strategic thinking and quick decision-making give him an edge on the field. Reo’s dedication to the sport and his unwavering desire to win the World Cup drive him to constantly push his limits and improve his skills.

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Before joining Blue Lock, Reo Mikage attended an elite high school, the same school as his character Seishiro Nagi. Despite his privileged background, Reo realized that his school’s football team lacked skill and competitiveness. This realization fueled his determination to prove himself on a larger stage. Although his parents wanted him to graduate from an elite high school and become a successful businessman, Reo chose to pursue his passion for soccer and set his sights on Blue Lock, a prestigious training program that aims to produce the best strikers in the world. Reo’s journey at Blue Lock demonstrates his relentless pursuit of excellence and his determination to forge his own path, regardless of his family’s expectations.
Reo Mikage captivates audiences in Blue Lock with his magnetic personality, remarkable skills, and unwavering determination. As the heir to the Mikage Corporation, he defies society’s expectations and follows his passion for soccer. Reo’s character development and his journey to the World Cup provide a compelling narrative that will have fans eagerly following his progress.

Reo Mikage – FAQ

Who is Reo Mikage in “Blue Lock”?

Reo Mikage is a prominent character in the manga series “Blue Lock” written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yusuke Nomura. He is one of the forwards selected to participate in the Blue Lock program, an initiative aimed at developing a striker capable of leading the Japanese national team to victory in the World Cup.

What are Reo Mikage’s special characteristics?

Reo Mikage is known for his exceptional physical skills, especially his speed and agility. He has lightning reflexes and remarkable ball control. Mikage is often portrayed as a charismatic and confident individual who displays strong leadership qualities on the field.

What position does Reo Mikage play in Blue Lock?

Reo Mikage plays as a forward in the Blue Lock series. His primary role is to score goals and lead offensive plays. Mikage’s speed and technical skills make him a formidable threat to opposing defenses.

What is Reo Mikage’s relationship to the other characters in Blue Lock?

Reo Mikage has a complex relationship with the other characters in Blue Lock. He is considered one of the most talented forwards in the program, which often leads to rivalry and competition among his teammates. Despite this, Mikage is shown to be a team player and willing to work with others to achieve their common goals.

Does Reo Mikage have any unique techniques or play styles?

Yes, Reo Mikage has a unique play style and signature technique called the “Shadow Run”. In the Shadow Run, Mikage uses his exceptional speed and agility to quickly maneuver past opponents. This technique allows him to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates.

What are some memorable moments involving Reo Mikage in “Blue Lock”?

Reo Mikage has several memorable moments in Blue Lock. One notable moment is when he demonstrates his incredible speed and agility during a practice match, leaving his opponents in awe. Another significant moment is when Mikage demonstrates his leadership skills by motivating and inspiring his teammates to push themselves to their limits during intensive training sessions.