Seishirou Nagi

Original Name 凪 誠士郎
Romaji Name Seishirou Nagi
Nicknames None
Series Blue Lock
Age 17
Weight Not Available
Height 190 cm
Date of Birth May 6
Blood Type O

Seishirou Nagi from “Blue Lock


Seishirou Nagi, a character from the Blue Lock manga and anime series, is known for his unique personality traits. At first, Nagi shows little interest in soccer, preferring to spend his free time playing video games instead of training and working hard. As the story progresses, however, his passion for the sport begins to blossom. Nagi is determined and highly competitive, always striving to improve his skills and push himself beyond his limits. He has a strong sense of self and confidence in his abilities, which drives him to push himself to the limit. Despite his initial aloofness, Nagi develops strong bonds with his teammates and becomes a dependable and supportive member of the Blue Lock Eleven.


Seishirou Nagi is a participant in the Blue Lock Project, a groundbreaking soccer training program designed to create the world’s deadliest striker. He is selected as one of 300 invited strikers to participate in this intense and rigorous program. Before joining Blue Lock, Nagi’s background is not fully explored. However, it is revealed that despite his initial lack of interest, he has an extraordinary talent for soccer. His journey within Blue Lock becomes a crucial turning point in his life, as he faces numerous challenges and confronts his own potential.


Nagi’s appearance in Blue Lock is notable for his tall stature and athletic build. He stands at an impressive height of 190 cm, which gives him an advantage in both physical presence and aerial ability on the soccer field. Nagi has a lean and muscular physique that reflects his dedication to training and improving his performance. His sharp facial features, including piercing eyes and a determined expression, contribute to his overall charismatic appearance. Nagi’s distinctive hairstyle, with short black hair styled in a spiky fashion, adds to his dynamic and energetic image.


Seishirou Nagi possesses exceptional soccer skills that make him a formidable player on the field. His ball control skills are highly advanced, allowing him to maneuver the ball with precision and finesse. Nagi’s trapping technique is particularly noteworthy, allowing him to quickly control and redirect the ball in a variety of situations. In addition, he has mastered the concept of the “flow state,” a mental state in which he achieves optimal focus and performance, which enhances his decision-making and execution during games. Nagi’s relentless pursuit of improvement and unwavering determination contribute greatly to his overall skill as a striker.


Seishirou Nagi comes from the manga and anime series “Blue Lock”, created by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yusuke Nomura. The series follows the story of a group of talented young soccer players who are selected to participate in the Blue Lock Project, a competitive training program designed to produce the ultimate striker. Nagi’s character development, his journey within Blue Lock, and his interactions with fellow participants and rivals form a significant part of the narrative. His growth as a player and as an individual propels the plot forward, showcasing the challenges and triumphs he experiences along the way.


The information provided about Seishirou Nagi is based on his portrayal in the “Blue Lock” manga and anime series.

Seishirou Nagi – FAQ

Who is Seishirou Nagi in “Blue Lock”?

Seishirou Nagi is a fictional character in the manga series “Blue Lock”. He is one of the main characters and a talented young soccer player.

What is Seishirou Nagi’s position in “Blue Lock”?

Seishirou Nagi plays as a forward in the Blue Lock program. He is known for his speed, agility, and goal-scoring ability.

What are Seishirou Nagi’s personality traits?

Seishirou Nagi is often portrayed as a determined and ambitious individual. He has a strong competitive spirit and a burning desire to be the best. He can be intense and focused on achieving his goals.

What is Seishirou Nagi’s backstory?

Seishirou Nagi’s backstory in “Blue Lock” reveals that he comes from a humble background with a passion for soccer. He has faced many challenges and setbacks along the way, but remains determined in his pursuit of excellence.

Does Seishirou Nagi have any special skills or techniques?

Yes, Seishirou Nagi has a special ability called “Phantom Shot”. This technique allows him to generate incredible power and accuracy in his shots, making him a formidable threat in front of goal.

What are Seishirou Nagi’s goals in Blue Lock?

Seishirou Nagi’s main goal in Blue Lock is to earn a spot on the national team and represent Japan in international soccer. He wants to prove himself as one of the best strikers in the country and make a lasting impact on the sport.