Yatora Yaguchi

Japanese Name 矢口 八虎
Romaji Name Yaguchi Yatora
Nicknames N/A
Series Blue Period
Age High School Student (Second Year)
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


Yatora Yaguchi, the main protagonist of the anime and manga series “Blue Period”, possesses a multi-faceted personality that undergoes significant growth throughout the story. Initially, Yatora is portrayed as a high school sophomore with a delinquent lifestyle. Despite his rebellious nature, he maintains remarkably high grades, hinting at his hidden potential.
Yatora’s life takes an unexpected turn when he meets his senpai, Maru Mori, painting in the school’s art club. This encounter sparks a transformation within him as he discovers a deep passion for art. Yatora exhibits traits of extroversion, allowing him to easily understand the desires and expectations of others in his relationships. He adapts himself to please those around him, often sacrificing his own feelings and desires in the process.
Beneath his composed exterior, however, Yatora harbors insecurities that become more apparent as he immerses himself in the world of art. He sets high standards for himself, constantly underestimating his own work and comparing himself to others, leading to overwhelming self-doubt. Despite these challenges, Yatora shows respect and admiration for the artistic abilities of those around him.


Yatora Yaguchi’s background is explored in the series “Blue Period”. A sophomore in high school, he leads a rather dull and predictable life until he meets Maru Mori. Before discovering his passion for art, Yatora’s academic achievements contrast with his delinquent lifestyle. This contradiction between his academic success and rebellious behavior adds depth to his character.


Yatora Yaguchi is portrayed as a young male character in “Blue Period”. He has a fairly average appearance, with short dark hair and a slim build. Yatora’s physical appearance does not stand out, allowing his personality and artistic journey to take center stage.


Yatora Yaguchi demonstrates remarkable academic ability, achieving high grades despite his delinquent lifestyle. However, it is his artistic abilities that become the focus of the story. Initially a novice in the field of art, Yatora’s passion and dedication drive him to rapidly improve. Throughout the series, he refines his skills and explores various techniques and media to express his artistic vision.


Yatora Yaguchi comes from the anime and manga series “Blue Period”. Created by Tsubasa Yamaguchi, the series explores Yatora’s journey of self-discovery and growth as he pursues his passion for art. Set in the context of high school, the story explores themes of ambition, artistic exploration, and the challenges of following one’s dreams.
As the main character, Yatora’s development serves as the driving force behind the narrative. His transformation from a delinquent student to a passionate artist demonstrates the power of self-discovery and the pursuit of one’s true calling.

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Yatora Yaguchi – FAQ

Who is Yatora Yaguchi?

Yatora Yaguchi is the protagonist of the manga and anime series “Blue Period”. He is a high school student who starts out as a talented and academically successful student, but feels unfulfilled and dissatisfied with his life. Yatora discovers his passion for art and decides to pursue a career in the art world.

What is Yatora’s background?

Yatora comes from a middle-class family and has focused on academic success throughout his life. He attends a prestigious high school known for its academic excellence, and his parents have high expectations for his future. However, Yatora’s passion for art leads him to question his traditional path.

How does Yatora discover his love of art?

Yatora’s interest in art is sparked when he sees a painting by a classmate, Ryuji Ayukawa, and is captivated by its beauty and emotional impact. This inspired Yatora to explore his own artistic abilities, and he began experimenting with drawing and painting. Through his experiences in the art club and meeting other artists, Yatora’s passion for art grows.

What challenges does Yatora face in his artistic journey?

Yatora faces several challenges on his artistic journey. Initially, he struggles with self-doubt and the fear of pursuing a non-traditional path. He also faces criticism and competition from other talented artists. Yatora must learn to overcome these obstacles, improve his technical skills, and develop his artistic voice.

Does Yatora have any formal art training?

Yes, Yatora eventually enrolls in an art-focused high school called Suiko to receive a formal art education. At Suiko, he studies under experienced art teachers and learns various artistic techniques and theories. The school environment and interactions with fellow artists further shape Yatora’s growth as an artist.

How does Yatora’s journey in Blue Period affect his relationships?

Yatora’s artistic journey affects his relationships in significant ways. His newfound passion for art leads to conflicts with his parents, who have different expectations for his future. Yatora also forms deep bonds with his fellow art club members and other artists, as they share a common understanding and support each other through their artistic pursuits.