Hitori Gotou

Japanese Name 後藤 ひとり
Romaji Name Hitori Gotou
Nicknames Bocchi
Series Bocchi the Rock!
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height 156 cm
Date of Birth February 21
Blood Type O

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Hitori Gotou

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Hitori Gotou, also known as Bocchi, is a lonely and socially anxious freshman. She describes herself as an “in-kya,” a dark and introverted individual who tends to isolate herself indoors. Despite her reserved nature, Hitori aspires to join a band and become popular.


Hitori Gotou is a student at Shuka High School. She begins to play the guitar in hopes of fulfilling her dream of joining a band. She eventually becomes the lead guitarist of the Kessoku Band. Although Hitori possesses exceptional musical skills, she struggles to effectively showcase her abilities in a band or in public.


Hitori Gotou stands 156 cm tall and is often seen with a somber and reserved expression. She is usually depicted with short, dark hair and is known for her unique fashion sense that reflects her individuality.


Hitori Gotou’s guitar playing skills are considered exceptional. Her talent on the guitar is described as phenomenal, though she faces challenges when it comes to fully expressing herself in a band or in front of a live audience. Despite this, her dedication and passion for music drive her to continue pursuing her dreams.


Hitori Gotou is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Bocchi the Rock! The series follows Hitori’s journey as she overcomes her social anxiety and strives to become a successful musician. Her story highlights themes of personal growth, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams.
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Hitori Gotou – FAQ

Who is Hitori Gotou?

Hitori Gotou is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Bocchi the Rock! He is one of the main characters of the series.

What is Hitori Gotou’s role in “Bocchi the Rock!”?

Hitori Gotou is the lead guitarist and singer of the rock band “Bocchi”. He is known for his exceptional guitar skills and powerful vocals, which contribute to the band’s unique sound.

What are Hitori Gotou’s personality traits?

Hitori Gotou is portrayed as a passionate and determined individual. He is deeply committed to music and has a strong desire to succeed as a musician. He can be a bit stubborn and headstrong at times, but he also cares deeply for his friends and bandmates.

What are some notable characteristics of Hitori Gotou’s appearance?

Hitori Gotou has a unique visual style. He is often seen wearing punk-inspired clothing, including leather jackets, ripped jeans and band T-shirts. He also has several body piercings and a wild hairstyle with hair dyed in various bright colors.

What are Hitori Gotou’s musical influences?

Hitori Gotou is inspired by a wide range of musical genres and artists. He is particularly influenced by classic rock bands, punk rock and alternative rock. Some of his favorite musicians are Jimi Hendrix, The Ramones and Nirvana.

Does Hitori Gotou face any challenges in Bocchi the Rock!

Yes, Hitori Gotou faces various challenges throughout the series. He faces obstacles such as competition from other bands, internal conflicts within the band, and the pressure to live up to his own musical ambitions. These challenges contribute to his character development and the overall narrative of the story.