Tamaki Amajiki

Japanese Name 天喰 環
Romaji Name Amajiki Tamaki
Nicknames Suneater
Series Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season
Age 17
Weight Unknown
Height 177 cm (5’9½”)
Date of Birth March 4
Blood Type Unknown


Tamaki Amajiki, also known as “Suneater”, is a character from the anime series “Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season”. He has a complex and introspective personality that sets him apart from his peers. Tamaki is portrayed as a reserved and somewhat socially awkward individual who often struggles with self-confidence and anxiety. He tends to be highly critical of himself and has a tendency to underestimate his own abilities.
Despite his inner struggles, Tamaki has a strong sense of duty and is fiercely loyal to his friends and allies. He is willing to put himself in harm’s way to protect others and is known for his selfless acts of heroism. Tamaki’s reserved nature can sometimes make it difficult for him to express his emotions openly, but he cares deeply for those close to him and is always willing to lend a helping hand.


Tamaki Amajiki is a third-year student at Yuuei High and a member of the prestigious Hero Course. He is part of a select group known as “The Big Three,” which consists of the most talented and promising students at the academy. Tamaki’s path to becoming a hero has not been without its challenges. At first, he struggled with insecurities and doubts about his own abilities. However, through hard work and determination, he overcame these obstacles and proved himself to be a valuable asset to the Hero Course.


Tamaki Amajiki is a tall young man with fair skin. He has indigo hair that appears to be disheveled and falls around his face. His most distinctive features are his long ears, which are slightly pointed and resemble those of an elf. Tamaki’s overall appearance gives him a somewhat ethereal and mysterious aura.


Tamaki possesses a unique quirk known as “Manifest,” which allows him to manifest the properties of the food he consumes. This quirk allows him to transform parts of his body into various edible substances, giving him incredible versatility in battle. For example, he can grow octopus tentacles when he eats takoyaki, or develop the characteristics of a clam when he eats clam chowder.
Tamaki’s quirk also increases his strength, agility, and durability, making him a formidable opponent. However, the effectiveness of his quirk depends on his mental state and confidence level. When Tamaki’s fear and self-doubt are at their peak, his quirk becomes less effective and he struggles to use it to its full potential.


The character of Tamaki Amajiki was introduced in the third season of the anime series “Boku no Hero Academia”. Created by renowned mangaka Kohei Horikoshi, the series depicts a world in which individuals with superhuman abilities, known as quirks, have become the norm. Tamaki’s character development, along with his struggles and growth, are important elements of the overarching narrative.
Throughout the series, Tamaki’s journey as a hero-in-training is explored, highlighting his personal growth and contributions to the world of heroes. His unique quirkiness and introspective personality make him a memorable character who resonates with viewers who can relate to his feelings of self-doubt and fear.

Tamaki Amajiki – FAQ

Who is Tamaki Amajiki?

Tamaki Amajiki, also known as “Suneater”, is a character in the anime and manga series “Boku no Hero Academia”, specifically introduced in the 3rd season. He is a student at U.A. High School, enrolled in the Hero Course.

What is Tamaki Amajiki’s quirk?

Tamaki’s quirk is called “Manifest”. It allows him to manifest the properties of whatever he eats. For example, if he eats a piece of octopus, he will gain the ability to grow tentacles and suction cups. His quirk is extremely versatile, but he often struggles with confidence issues that can affect its effectiveness.

What are Tamaki Amajiki’s personality traits?

Tamaki is known to be incredibly shy and introverted. He lacks confidence and tends to overthink things, which can make him hesitant in battle. Despite his reserved nature, he has a strong sense of responsibility and is dedicated to becoming a hero. He is also a perfectionist and strives to be the best at everything he does.

What is Tamaki Amajiki’s role in the series?

Tamaki is a supporting character in “Boku no Hero Academia,” and he becomes more prominent during the 3rd season. He is a member of the “Big Three”, a group of elite students who are recognized as the top heroes-in-training at U.A. High School. Tamaki’s journey focuses on overcoming his insecurities and learning to use his quirk to its full potential.

Does Tamaki Amajiki have any notable accomplishments?

While still a student, Tamaki has already demonstrated impressive skills and abilities. During the Provisional Hero License Exam arc, he demonstrated his combat prowess by defeating several opponents and earning a high score. His achievements, combined with his unique quirk, have earned him recognition and respect from his peers.

Does Tamaki Amajiki have a relationship with any other characters?

Tamaki has a close relationship with his fellow Big Three members, Mirio Togata and Nejire Hado. Mirio acts as his mentor and source of inspiration, while Nejire is a supportive friend. Tamaki also develops a bond with other U.A. students, especially Izuku Midoriya and the members of Class 1-A, as they work together to protect and uphold the values of heroism.