Niko Yazawa

Japanese Name 矢澤 にこ
Romaji Name Yazawa Niko
Nicknames Super Idol Nico, Nicocchi
Series Bokura no Live Kimi to no Life
Age 17
Weight N/A
Height 154 cm
Date of Birth July 22
Blood Type A

Niko Yazawa from “Bokura no Live Kimi to no Life”: A vibrant idol with a fiery personality

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Niko Yazawa, a character from “Bokura no Live Kimi to no Life”, is known for her vibrant and energetic personality. She is often characterized as having an aggressive demeanor, but she also possesses a caring and compassionate side. Niko tends to think highly of herself and strives to be the best Idol among her peers. Her catchphrase, “Nico Nico Nii!” accompanied by a signature pose, has become an iconic part of her character. Despite her occasional self-centeredness, Niko is a dedicated and hardworking individual.


Niko Yazawa is a main character in the anime series “Bokura no Live Kimi to no Life”. She was a junior at Otonokizaka High School and a member of the Idol Research Club. Niko was the president of the club until she graduated. Throughout the series, she faces challenges in her quest to become the best idol and strives to stand out among her fellow members of μ’s.


Niko Yazawa has a childlike appearance despite being 17 years old. She is depicted with black hair tied in double ponytails, giving her a distinctive appearance. Standing at a height of 154 cm, Niko is known for her adorable and youthful appearance. Her fashion sense also plays an important role in her character, as she has a keen interest in stylish outfits.


As an idol, Niko has various talents and skills. She is an accomplished singer and dancer, showcasing her talent in performances such as “Snow Halation” and “Natsu-iro Egao de 1, 2, Jump! Niko’s dedication and hard work contribute to her growth as an idol throughout the series. Despite initially claiming to have no cooking experience, she surprises her friends with her cooking skills in episode 10 of the anime.


Niko Yazawa comes from the anime series “Bokura no Live Kimi to no Life”, which is part of the larger franchise Love Live! School Idol Project. Created by Sakurako Kimino and Hajime Yatate, Love Live! follows a group of high school girls who form an idol group called μ’s to save their school from closing. Niko plays an important role in the series as one of the main characters and contributes to the group’s journey to becoming successful idols.

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Niko Yazawa – FAQ

Who is Niko Yazawa?

Niko Yazawa is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Love Live! School Idol Project”. She is one of the main characters and a member of the idol group μ’s (Muse).

What is Niko Yazawa’s role in “Love Live! School Idol Project”?

Niko Yazawa is a member of the idol group μ’s and plays a major role in the series. She is known for her energetic and cheerful personality and her desire to become a top idol.

What are some notable characteristics of Niko Yazawa?

Niko Yazawa is characterized by her long orange hair, often styled in twin tails, and her bright blue eyes. She is known for her cute and playful mannerisms, as well as her catchphrase “Niko-nii”. Niko is also known for her love of fashion and her tendency to speak in the third person.

What is Niko Yazawa’s personality like?

Niko Yazawa is a complex personality. On the surface, she appears confident, happy, and full of energy. However, she also struggles with insecurities and a desire to be recognized as the best. She often puts on a front to hide her vulnerability, but her friends in μ’s help her overcome her fears and grow as an idol.

What is Niko Yazawa’s role in the idol group μ’s?

Niko Yazawa is one of the singers in the idol group μ’s. She contributes to the group’s performances with her singing and dancing skills. She also often takes on the role of the group’s fashion coordinator, as she has a keen eye for style and enjoys creating unique outfits for the members.

Does Niko Yazawa have any notable story arcs or character development?

Yes, Niko Yazawa undergoes significant character development throughout the series. She starts out as a self-centered and attention-seeking individual, but as the story progresses, she learns the importance of teamwork and true friendship. Niko’s journey includes overcoming her insecurities and finding her true passion for being an idol.