Prompto Argentum

Japanese Name: プロンプト・アージェンタム
Romaji Name: Puronputo Ājentamu
Nicknames: Prompto
Series: Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV
Age: 20
Weight: N/A
Height: 173 cm (5’8″)
Date of Birth: October 25
Blood Type: N/A

Prompto Argentum from Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV

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Prompto Argentum, a key character in Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV, is known for his cheerful and friendly personality. He is a loyal and supportive friend to Noctis, the main protagonist. Prompto often serves as a source of comic relief with his light-hearted and humorous nature, bringing levity to intense situations. Despite his outgoing nature, Prompto harbors insecurities and feels like an outsider among his more regal and capable companions. However, he overcomes these doubts and proves to be a brave and reliable ally.


Prompto Argentum’s background is explored in the anime series “Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV”. He comes from a humble background and attends the same school as Noctis, the Crown Prince of Lucis. Prompto befriends Noctis and becomes an integral part of their close-knit group of friends. Despite his humble origins, Prompto’s unwavering loyalty and genuine concern for his friends make him an invaluable member of the group.


With his youthful and energetic demeanor, Prompto Argentum has a distinctive appearance. He has vibrant blond hair and captivating blue eyes that reflect his vibrant personality. Standing 173 cm (5’8″) tall, Prompto has a slender build. His casual attire often reflects his carefree nature, and he is known for his love of photography.


Prompto Argentum possesses a unique skill set that sets him apart from his companions. A talented marksman, he wields firearms with precision and skill. Prompto’s skill in ranged combat allows him to provide cover fire and support his allies in battle. He also has remarkable agility and quick reflexes, allowing him to effectively evade enemy attacks. Prompto’s resourcefulness and adaptability make him an asset in combat situations.


Prompto Argentum originated in the vast world of Final Fantasy XV. He is a pivotal character in the Final Fantasy series, making his debut in Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV. Developed by Square Enix, Final Fantasy XV explores the journey of Noctis and his companions through a vast and immersive fantasy realm. Prompto’s role as a loyal friend and his personal growth throughout the series make him a beloved and memorable character among fans.
[Note: This information is based on the character description from “Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV” on For additional details, please refer to the sources provided].

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Prompto Argentum – FAQ

Who is Prompto Argentum in Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV”?

Prompto Argentum is one of the main characters in the animated series “Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV”. He is a close friend of Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum and a member of the group known as the Crownsguard.

What is Prompto’s role in the story?

Prompto serves as a loyal companion to Prince Noctis, accompanying him on his journey throughout the series. He provides comic relief and often lightens the mood with his cheerful personality. Prompto is also skilled with firearms and photography, capturing moments of their adventures.

What are Prompto’s special skills or abilities?

Prompto is known for his skill with firearms, especially handguns. He is a skilled marksman and uses his accuracy to aid his friends in battle. In addition, Prompto is an excellent photographer and enjoys documenting their journey through images.

What is Prompto’s personality like?

Prompto is a friendly and outgoing character with a bright and cheerful personality. He often uses humor to lighten tense situations and is always there to support his friends. However, he also struggles with self-doubt and insecurities, which adds depth to his character.

What is Prompto’s relationship to the other main characters?

Prompto has a close friendship with Prince Noctis, whom he has known since childhood. He also develops strong bonds with the other members of the group, Ignis and Gladiolus. Their camaraderie and shared experiences form a central aspect of the story in Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV.

Will Prompto have significant character development?

Yes, Prompto undergoes significant character growth throughout the series. At first, he struggles with feelings of inadequacy and fear of not fitting in. However, as the story progresses, he confronts his insecurities and discovers his true worth, growing into a more confident and self-assured individual.