Kazuki Muto

Original Name 武藤カズキ
Romaji Name Muto Kazuki
Series Busou Renkin
Age 16
Date of Birth
Blood Type


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The protagonist of Busou Renkin


Kazuki Muto, the main protagonist of the anime and manga series Busou Renkin, is a character known for his enthusiastic and friendly nature. He cares deeply for his friends and his younger sister Mahiro, often putting himself in danger to help and protect them. Despite his good intentions, Kazuki’s way of showing affection can be somewhat unconventional. He is always willing to go the extra mile to help others, demonstrating his selflessness and bravery. In addition, Kazuki harbors deep feelings for Tokiko Tsumura, although he may not always express them in a conventional manner.


Kazuki Muto is a 16-year-old student who attends a private academy with his sister. His life takes an unexpected turn when he becomes involved in Tokiko Tsumura’s battle against supernatural creatures known as Homunculi. Tragically, Kazuki is killed during the battle, but is revived through the use of a Kakugane, a mystical device that replaces his heart. The Kakugane implanted in him is the Black Kakugane III, which gives him powers similar to those of the Homunculi. From that moment on, Kazuki’s life is forever changed as he becomes an Alchemist Warrior and dedicates himself to fighting alongside Tokiko.


Kazuki Muto has a youthful appearance for his age. He has brown hair and warm, expressive eyes. Kazuki is often seen in his school uniform, which consists of a white shirt, black blazer, and matching pants. As an Alchemist Warrior, he also possesses a unique weapon called the Busou Renkin, which takes the form of a lance-like weapon known as the Sunlight Heart.


Thanks to the Black Kakugane III implanted in his chest, Kazuki Muto gains extraordinary abilities and becomes an Alchemist Warrior. His Busou Renkin, Sunlight Heart, gives him increased strength, agility, and the ability to manipulate and transform matter. With his Lance, Kazuki can generate and project powerful energy attacks, making him a formidable fighter against the Homunculi. In addition, his unwavering determination and willingness to protect others fuel his fighting spirit, allowing him to overcome various obstacles and opponents.

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Kazuki Muto’s journey begins when he is chosen to receive the Black Kakugane III, a powerful artifact created by alchemy. This Kakugane replaces his heart and gives him the skills he needs to fight the Homunculi. As an alchemist warrior, Kazuki joins forces with Tokiko Tsumura, an experienced warrior herself, to eliminate the Homunculi threat and protect innocent lives. With their combined strength and unwavering determination, they strive to maintain peace and restore balance to their world.

Kazuki Muto – FAQ

Who is Kazuki Muto?

Kazuki Muto is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series “Busou Renkin”. He is a high school student who becomes involved in a battle against supernatural creatures known as homunculi.

How does Kazuki Muto get his Busou Renkin?

Kazuki Muto obtains his Busou Renkin, a powerful alchemical weapon, after dying in an encounter with a Homunculus. His heart is replaced with the Kakugane, a device that gives him the ability to create the Sunlight Heart, a lance-like weapon.

What is Kazuki Muto’s role in the battle against the Homunculi?

Kazuki Muto becomes a warrior known as the “Alchemist Warrior” or “Victor,” whose mission is to protect humanity from the Homunculi. Using his Busou Renkin, he fights alongside other Alchemist Warriors to defeat the Homunculi and prevent them from causing harm.

Does Kazuki Muto have any special abilities?

Yes, Kazuki Muto has several special abilities. With his Busou Renkin, the Sunlight Heart, he has increased physical strength, speed and agility. He can also generate and manipulate a powerful energy called Victorizing Energy, which he uses to perform devastating attacks.

Who are Kazuki Muto’s allies?

Kazuki Muto is supported by a group of allies in his fight against the Homunculi. His main ally is Tokiko Tsumura, a skilled Alchemist Warrior who becomes his partner and mentor. He also forms friendships and alliances with other Alchemist Warriors such as Captain Bravo and the Hayasaka twins.

Does Kazuki Muto have personal motivations?

Yes, Kazuki Muto has personal motivations that drive him in his fight against the Homunculi. One of his main motivations is to protect his friends, family, and the people he cares about from the threat of the Homunculi. He is determined to put an end to their threat and ensure the safety of all.