Yukino Sakurai

Japanese Name 桜井雪乃
Romaji Name Sakurai Yukino
Nicknames Yuki-nee
Series Candy☆Boy: Side Story For Archive
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified


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A Character Analysis


Yukino Sakurai, from the anime “Candy☆Boy: Side Story For Archive”, is portrayed as the older twin sister with a charming personality. She is known for her love of snacks and often exchanges photos of her sister, Kanade Sakurai, with her friend Sakuya. Yukino is shown to be caring and selfless, as she takes a part-time job to pay for Kanade’s art school, despite the potential strain it puts on their relationship.


Not much is revealed about Yukino Sakurai’s background in “Candy☆Boy: Side Story For Archive. However, it is mentioned that she and Kanade attend the same school and are members of the school’s swim team. Yukino’s decision to work part-time to support Kanade’s art education shows her commitment to their relationship and her willingness to make sacrifices.


Yukino Sakurai has a visually appealing appearance as depicted in the anime. She bears a striking resemblance to her twin sister, Kanade, with long, dark hair and expressive eyes. Yukino’s design showcases her youthful and cheerful demeanor, which complements her character well.


While Yukino Sakurai’s specific abilities are not emphasized in the anime, she is portrayed as an accomplished swimmer, as she is a member of the school’s swim team. Her dedication to her activities and her willingness to take a part-time job to support Kanade’s aspirations also demonstrate her determination and resourcefulness.

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Yukino Sakurai is from the anime series “Candy☆Boy: Side Story For Archive”. As one of the main characters, she plays a significant role in the story, especially in her relationship with her twin sister, Kanade. The anime explores their interactions and the challenges they face as they navigate school life, personal aspirations, and their deep bond as siblings.

Yukino Sakurai – FAQ

Who is Yukino Sakurai in “Candy☆Boy: Side Story For Archive”?

Yukino Sakurai is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Candy☆Boy: Side Story For Archive”. She is one of the twin sisters and the older sibling of Kanade Sakurai.

What are Yukino’s personality traits?

Yukino is portrayed as responsible, mature, and level-headed. She is often seen taking care of her younger sister, Kanade, and is known for her calm and collected demeanor. Yukino is also shown to be hardworking and dedicated to her studies.

What is the relationship between Yukino and Kanade?

Yukino has a close relationship with her twin sister Kanade. They are often seen together and rely on each other for emotional support. Despite their occasional disagreements, they care deeply for each other and have a strong sisterly bond.

Does Yukino have a romantic interest?

In “Candy☆Boy: Side Story For Archive”, Yukino’s romantic interests are not explicitly explored. The focus of the story is on the dynamics between the Sakurai sisters and their relationships with other characters.

What is Yukino’s role in the series?

Yukino plays an important role in the series as one of the main characters. She is often involved in the various events and conflicts that occur throughout the story, and her actions and decisions contribute to the development of the plot.

Does Yukino have any special talents or hobbies?

While Yukino’s specific talents or hobbies are not extensively highlighted in “Candy☆Boy: Side Story For Archive,” she is portrayed as a diligent student who focuses on her academics. In addition, she is adept at taking care of her sister and managing household responsibilities.