Irisviel von Einzbern

Japanese Name アイリスフィール・フォン・アインツベルン
Romaji Name Airisufīru fon Aintsuberun
Nicknames Iri
Series Carnival Phantasm
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height 158 cm
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Irisviel of Einzbern, a character from Carnival Phantasm, has a gentle and caring personality. She is known for her kind-hearted nature and unwavering devotion to those she loves. Irisviel is portrayed as a selfless individual who always puts the welfare of others before her own. Her nurturing instincts, especially toward her daughter Illyasviel, are evident throughout the series. Irisviel is understanding and empathetic, providing emotional support to those around her. Despite her artificial nature as a homunculus, she displays genuine human emotions and is capable of forming deep bonds with others.

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Irisviel von Einzbern’s background is closely tied to the Fate series. She is a homunculus, an artificial being created by the Einzbern family. Irisviel was created specifically to be a vessel for the Holy Grail and to protect it from harm. She is married to Kiritsugu Emiya, the protagonist of Fate/Zero, and together they have a daughter named Illyasviel of Einzbern. Irisviel’s existence revolves around her role as a homunculus and her connection to the Holy Grail War.


Irisviel of Einzbern has a striking and elegant appearance. She is depicted as a woman with long silver hair and soft blue eyes. She stands 158 cm tall and has a slender and graceful figure. Irisviel is often seen wearing a white dress, which adds to her ethereal and angelic aura. Her clothing reflects her role as a pure and noble character in the series. Overall, Irisviel’s appearance exudes a sense of serenity and beauty.


Though Irisviel of Einzbern has no combat abilities of her own, she plays a crucial supporting role in the Fate series. She acts as a mediator and strategist, providing valuable insight and assistance to the main characters. In addition, Irisviel’s connection to the Holy Grail gives her unique abilities related to its power. Although her primary focus is on nurturing and protecting her loved ones, she demonstrates intelligence and resourcefulness when faced with challenging situations.


Irisviel of Einzbern is from the Fate series, a multimedia franchise that spans various anime, visual novels, and other media. She first appears as a main character in Fate/Zero, and later makes appearances in other Fate-related works, including Carnival Phantasm. The Fate series, created by Type-Moon, explores the concept of a Holy Grail War in which participants fight for the chance to obtain the Holy Grail and have their wishes granted. Irisviel’s role as a homunculus and her connection to the Holy Grail are consistent with the overarching themes and mythology of the Fate universe.
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Irisviel von Einzbern – FAQ

Who is Irisviel von Einzbern in Carnival Phantasm?

Irisviel of Einzbern is a character from the anime “Carnival Phantasm”. She is a homunculus created by the Einzbern family to serve as a vessel for the Holy Grail in the Fourth Grail War.

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What is Irisviel’s role in Carnival Phantasm?

In Carnival Phantasm, Irisviel serves as a supporting character, often appearing alongside her husband, Kiritsugu Emiya. She is portrayed as a gentle and caring woman who supports Kiritsugu in his endeavors.

Is Irisviel a warrior or a fighter in Carnival Phantasm?

No, Irisviel is not portrayed as a fighter or combatant in Carnival Phantasm. Her role is primarily focused on supporting the other characters and providing emotional support to Kiritsugu.

Does Irisviel have any special abilities or powers in Carnival Phantasm?

In Carnival Phantasm, Irisviel does not have any special abilities or powers to speak of. Her character is more grounded and does not possess the magical abilities associated with the Holy Grail War.

How does Irisviel’s character differ from her portrayal in Fate/Zero?

In Fate/Zero, Irisviel plays a central role as the main character and is heavily involved in the Holy Grail War. Her character is more complex and multi-dimensional, showcasing her intelligence, magical abilities, and determination. In “Carnival Phantasm,” her character is more lighthearted and less focused on the serious aspects of the Holy Grail War.

What is the relationship between Irisviel and Kiritsugu in “Carnival Phantasm”?

Irisviel and Kiritsugu are portrayed as a married couple in Carnival Phantasm. Their relationship is portrayed as loving and supportive, with Irisviel providing emotional support to Kiritsugu in his endeavors.