Angel Devil

Japanese Name 天使の悪魔
Romaji Name Tenshi no Akuma
Nicknames Angel
Series Chainsaw Man
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Angel Devil from “Chainsaw Man


Angel Devil is a unique devil character in the manga and anime series “Chainsaw Man”. Unlike most devils, Angel Devil has no animosity towards humans. He considers himself a devil first and an angel second, which sets him apart from other devils in the series. Despite his demonic nature, Angel Devil shows a compassionate and empathetic side, often showing concern for others.


Angel Devil is a devil and a member of Special Division 4, working alongside Aki as a public safety devil hunter. Not much is known about his past or origins, but he plays an important supporting role in the series. Angel Devil’s presence brings a dynamic contrast to the world of the devils and adds depth to the storyline.


Angel Devil’s appearance is reminiscent of an angelic figure. He has a slender, lean build with long, flowing white hair that falls to his waist. His eyes are piercing blue, and he often wears a calm and serene expression. The Angel Devil is usually seen wearing a white robe-like garment, which accentuates his angelic appearance.


As a devil, Angel Devil possesses various supernatural abilities. He is known for his exceptional fighting skills and agility, making him a formidable opponent in battle. In addition, Angel Devil has the power to manipulate chains, which he uses as his primary weapon. These chains can expand and contract at will, giving him a versatile and deadly offensive capability.


While the exact origin of the Angel Devil remains unknown, it is believed that he is a devil with a unique lineage and characteristics. His name, Angel Devil, reflects his duality and the conflicted nature of his existence. Angel Devil’s origin is closely tied to the overarching narrative of the Chainsaw Man series, in which the line between angels and devils is blurred as the characters navigate the complex world of supernatural beings.

Angel Devil – FAQ

Who is Angel Devil in “Chainsaw Man”?

Angel Devil, also known as Aki Hayakawa, is a character from the manga series “Chainsaw Man”. He is a member of the Public Safety Devil Hunters and serves as one of the main protagonists of the story. Aki possesses the power of the Angel Devil, which allows him to summon angelic wings and create blades from his body.

What are the Angel Devil’s abilities?

The Angel Devil gives Aki the ability to manifest angelic wings, giving him the power to fly. He can also create blades from his body to use as weapons. These blades are incredibly sharp and can easily cut through most substances. Aki’s Angel Devil abilities make him a formidable fighter in battles against powerful devils.

How does Aki Hayakawa acquire the power of the Angel Devil?

In the story of “Chainsaw Man,” Aki Hayakawa acquires the power of the Angel Devil after making a deal with a devil. The details of the contract and how Aki specifically obtained the Angel Devil’s power are explained throughout the series. However, making deals with devils often involves sacrificing something of value, and in Aki’s case, he may have made a significant sacrifice to gain his powers.

What role does Angel Devil play in the plot of “Chainsaw Man”?

Angel Devil, as portrayed by Aki Hayakawa, plays an important role in the plot of Chainsaw Man. He is one of the main characters and serves as a member of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, an organization tasked with eliminating dangerous devils. Aki’s struggles, growth, and interactions with other characters contribute to the overall plot and character development of the series.

Are there any limitations or weaknesses to the Angel Devil’s powers?

While the Angel Devil provides Aki with formidable abilities, there are limitations and weaknesses to his powers. Like any Devil Hunter, Aki is susceptible to injury and can be overpowered by stronger Devils. In addition, the use of his powers consumes his energy, so he can become tired if he uses them excessively. Aki’s emotional state and personal weaknesses can also affect his ability to control and use his powers effectively.

Can Aki Hayakawa fully transform into the Angel Devil?

No, Aki Hayakawa cannot fully transform into the Angel Devil. His powers allow him to manifest angel wings and create blades, but he remains in his human form while using these abilities. The extent of his transformation is limited to the appearance of the wings and the creation of the blades, enhancing his combat capabilities without completely changing his physical form.