Original Name レゼ
Romaji Name Reze
Nicknames Unknown
Series Chainsaw Man
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Reze, a character from the manga series “Chainsaw Man”, has a complex and multifaceted personality. At first glance, she appears to be a charming and friendly young woman who works in a coffee shop. However, beneath her seemingly innocent exterior lies a determined and ruthless agent of the USSR. Despite her loyalty to her mission, Reze develops genuine feelings for the protagonist, Denji, which complicates her goals.


Reze’s background is shrouded in mystery, much like many characters in the Chainsaw Man series. She is introduced as an agent of the USSR, serving as a Bomb Devil Hybrid. Her primary goal is to retrieve the Chainsaw Heart from Denji, the main character. It is implied that Reze’s association with the USSR and her role as a Hybrid is due to her desire to further the organization’s goals.


Reze has a captivating and alluring appearance. She is depicted as a young woman with long, flowing dark hair that cascades down her back. Her eyes are sharp and penetrating, reflecting her determined nature. Reze often wears stylish and fashionable clothing, which adds to her overall appeal.


Reze displays impressive abilities throughout the series. As a hybrid, she possesses near immortality, making her nearly unkillable. She can withstand severe injuries, including being decapitated or cut in half, and still survive. In addition, Reze demonstrates exceptional combat skills, using her status as a Bomb Devil hybrid to unleash devastating explosions and manipulate explosive devices with precision.


Reze’s origins are closely tied to her role as a Hybrid and her association with the USSR. While her exact background and how she became a Hybrid are not explicitly revealed in the available information, it can be inferred that she underwent a transformation process to gain her unique abilities. The circumstances of her recruitment by the USSR and her subsequent involvement in their operations remain shrouded in mystery.

Reze – FAQ

Who is Reze in “Chainsaw Man”?

Reze is a character in the manga series “Chainsaw Man” created by Tatsuki Fujimoto. She is a skilled assassin who initially appears as an ally of the protagonist, Denji.

What are Reze’s abilities?

Reze has the ability to control gunpowder, which she can manipulate and explode at will. She is also highly skilled in combat and has exceptional agility and marksmanship.

How does Reze’s relationship with Denji develop?

At first, Reze befriends Denji and helps him fight demons. However, their relationship becomes complicated when Reze’s true intentions are revealed, leading to a conflict between them.

What is Reze’s role in the story?

Reze plays a significant role in the early arcs of the Chainsaw Man series. Her actions and motivations drive the plot forward and have a profound effect on Denji’s character development.

What are some notable moments involving Reze?

A notable moment involving Reze is the battle between her and Denji, where her true intentions are revealed. Another notable moment is her involvement in a high-stakes assassination attempt.

Does Reze have any relationships with other characters?

Reze has relationships with several characters in Chainsaw Man. She is associated with a secret organization and has relationships with other assassins and key players in the series.