Nao Tomori

Japanese Name 友利 奈緒
Romaji Name Tomori Nao
Nicknames N/A
Series Charlotte
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified

Nao Tomori is a fictional character from the anime series “Charlotte”. She serves as one of the main characters and holds the position of student council president at Hoshinoumi Academy. Nao is a first year student who possesses several notable traits and abilities that contribute to her role in the story.


Nao Tomori is portrayed as a hardworking and determined individual. She is known for her strong personality and ability to speak her mind with ease. While she can come across as narcissistic and self-righteous at times, Nao’s intelligence, wit, and quick thinking make her a formidable character. Described as socially awkward, she often blurts out her thoughts without hesitation. Nao’s strong-willed nature and unwavering determination make her a compelling and memorable character in the series.


As the student council president of Hoshinoumi Academy, Nao takes her responsibilities seriously. She is portrayed as a dedicated and hardworking student who strives to maintain order and fairness within the academy. Nao’s background is not explicitly detailed in the available sources, but her role as student council president suggests that she possesses a strong sense of leadership and a deep commitment to her duties.


Nao Tomori is depicted as a first year student with a distinctive appearance. While specific details of her physical features may vary in different artistic interpretations, she is generally depicted as a young girl with short brown hair and expressive blue eyes. Nao’s appearance often reflects her strong personality and determination.


Nao possesses a supernatural ability that allows her to become invisible. However, this ability is limited to making only one person of her choice invisible at a time. This power plays a significant role in the plot, as Nao often uses it to carry out her duties as student council president and to overcome various challenges and conflicts throughout the series.


Nao Tomori is a fictional character created for the anime series “Charlotte”. Her character was introduced as one of the main protagonists and serves as an integral part of the narrative. While specific details about her origin and backstory may be explored within the series, the available sources do not provide extensive information on this matter.

Nao Tomori – FAQ

Who is Nao Tomori?

Nao Tomori is a character from the anime “Charlotte”. She is one of the main characters and serves as the student council president at Hoshinoumi Academy.

What are Nao Tomori’s abilities?

Nao Tomori has the ability to make herself and others invisible to the naked eye. This ability, known as “Collapse”, allows her to hide from others and manipulate the perception of her presence.

What is Nao Tomori’s role in the series?

Nao Tomori plays a pivotal role in the series as one of the key members of the student council. She is responsible for recruiting people with special abilities and protecting them from harm. She also assists in the overall management of the Student Council’s activities.

What is Nao Tomori’s personality like?

Nao Tomori is initially portrayed as a serious and no-nonsense person. She is dedicated to her duties and takes her role in the student council seriously. However, as the series progresses, it is revealed that she has a caring and compassionate side, especially towards her friends and those close to her.

Does Nao Tomori have any significant relationships?

Nao Tomori has a close relationship with her younger brother, Yuu Otosaka, who is also a main character in “Charlotte”. Their bond is portrayed as strong, and they support and protect each other throughout the series. Nao also develops a romantic relationship with Yuu as the story progresses.

What challenges does Nao Tomori face in “Charlotte”?

Nao Tomori faces several challenges throughout the series. She is tasked with finding and recruiting individuals with special abilities while keeping their existence a secret from the general public. She also faces personal struggles related to her past and the consequences of her actions.