Yuu Otosaka

Original Name: 乙坂 有宇
Romaji Name: Otosaka Yuu
Nicknames: None
Series: Charlotte
Age: Varies throughout the series
Weight: Not specified
Height: Not specified
Date of Birth: Not specified
Blood Type: Not specified


Yuu Otosaka, the protagonist of the anime series “Charlotte”, is known for his complex personality. He initially presents himself as a rude and underachieving student at Hoshinoumi Academy. He often pretends to be intelligent, but is actually a chronic cheater. Despite his flaws, Yuu has a narcissistic streak and tends to make clever-sounding remarks. However, as the series progresses, Yuu’s personality evolves significantly. He becomes kinder and more compassionate, showing a willingness to help others.


Yuu Otosaka’s background is gradually revealed throughout the series. It is discovered that he and his younger sister Ayumi were once imprisoned in a research facility with their older brother. This traumatic experience deeply affects both Yuu and Ayumi. It is also during this time that Yuu’s true ability, known as “Plunder”, is revealed. Plunder allows him to steal other people’s abilities, making him a formidable force.


Yuu Otosaka is shown as a first year student at the Hoshinoumi Academy. He has a relatively average appearance, with short, messy brown hair and brown eyes. Standing at an average height, Yuu’s physical appearance doesn’t stand out. However, his demeanor and expressions often reflect his complex emotions and inner struggles.


Yuu Otosaka possesses a unique ability called “Plunder”. This power allows him to temporarily take over another person’s body for a period of five seconds. While in control of another person’s body, Yuu can also use that person’s abilities. This ability gives him a significant advantage in various situations, making him a formidable opponent.


Yuu Otosaka is from the anime series “Charlotte”. Created by Jun Maeda, the series follows the story of Yuu and his encounter with Nao Tomori, a student council member at Hoshinoumi Academy. As the series progresses, Yuu’s character undergoes significant development, and his journey intertwines with themes of love, friendship, and supernatural abilities. “Charlotte” explores the consequences and responsibilities that come with having extraordinary powers in a world where they are in short supply.

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Yuu Otosaka – FAQ

Who is Yuu Otosaka in “Charlotte”?

Yuu Otosaka is the main character of the anime series “Charlotte”. He is a high school student who has the ability to temporarily take over another person’s body for a few seconds. He initially uses his power for personal gain, but later becomes involved with a group of individuals with similar abilities.

What are Yuu Otosaka’s special skills?

Yuu Otosaka has the power to possess other people’s bodies for a short period of time. By making eye contact with someone, he can control their actions and use their abilities, if they have any. However, he can only maintain control for a few seconds at a time.

How does Yuu Otosaka’s character develop over the course of the series?

Throughout the series, Yuu Otosaka starts out as a self-centered and manipulative character who uses his powers for personal gain, such as cheating on exams. However, as he becomes involved with others who share his abilities, he begins to develop a sense of empathy and responsibility. He grows to care about his friends and becomes more selfless, working to protect and help others.

What challenges does Yuu Otosaka face in “Charlotte”?

Yuu Otosaka faces various challenges throughout the series. He encounters other individuals with supernatural abilities, some of whom pose a threat to society. He must also navigate the complexities of his relationships with his friends and confront his own flaws and past mistakes. The series also explores themes of loss and sacrifice that Yuu must confront as the story progresses.

Does Yuu Otosaka have any significant relationships in the series?

Yes, Yuu Otosaka forms several important relationships in “Charlotte”. He becomes close friends with Nao Tomori, a girl who recruits him into a group called the Student Council, which aims to protect people with supernatural abilities. Yuu also forms bonds with other members of the Student Council, including Jojirou Takajou and Yusa Nishimori, as well as his younger sister, Ayumi Otosaka.

What is the main storyline involving Yuu Otosaka in “Charlotte”?

The main storyline involving Yuu Otosaka in “Charlotte” revolves around his discovery of a hidden world of people with supernatural abilities. As he becomes involved with the student council, Yuu and his friends work together to protect and support those with powers from various threats. The story explores their struggles, personal growth, and the consequences of their actions.