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Hideo Harada

Original Name (Japanese): 原田 秀雄 Romanized Name: Harada Hideo Nicknames: Doctor Series: Chihayafuru Age: Unknown Weight: Unknown Height: Unknown Date of Birth: Unknown Blood Type: Unknown Personality Hideo Harada, also known as “Doctor”, is portrayed as a kind and compassionate man with a deep understanding of the game of karuta. He acts as a mentor […]

Hisashi Suou

Original Name 周防 久志 Romaji Name Suou Hisashi Nicknames N/A Series Chihayafuru Age N/A Weight 72 kg Height 180 cm Date of Birth March 4th Blood Type AB Personality Hisashi Suou, a prominent character in the anime and manga series “Chihayafuru”, has a complex and enigmatic personality. He is known for his calm demeanor, often […]

Kanade Ooe

Japanese Name 大江奏 Romaji Name Ooe Kanade Nicknames Kana Series Chihayafuru Age Not specified Weight 43 kg Height 150 cm Date of Birth November 3rd (Scorpio) Blood Type O Kanade Ooe A sensitive and knowledgeable karuta enthusiast Personality Kanade Ooe, a character from the anime series “Chihayafuru”, is known for her quiet and reserved demeanor. […]

Shinobu Wakamiya

Japanese Name 若宮 詩暢 Romaji Name Wakamiya Shinobu Nicknames Queen Series Chihayafuru Age Not specified Weight 48 kg Height 160 cm Date of Birth April 22nd Blood Type O Shinobu Wakamiya of Chihayafuru: A Queen of Karuta Personality Shinobu Wakamiya, a prominent character in the anime series Chihayafuru, is a young girl with a complex […]

Arata Wataya

Japanese Name 綿谷 新 Romaji Name Wataya Arata Nicknames Megane Series Chihayafuru Age Varies throughout the series Weight 65 kg Height 173 cm (or 177 cm in some sources) Date of Birth December 1 (Sagittarius) Blood Type O Arata Wataya from “Chihayafuru”: A Karuta Enthusiast Personality Arata Wataya is a kind-hearted and quiet individual who […]

Chihaya Ayase

Original Name 綾瀬 千早 Romaji Name Ayase Chihaya Nicknames Chi-chan Series Chihayafuru Age Not specified Weight 54 kg Height 167 cm Date of Birth June 1 Blood Type B Chihaya Ayase – The main character of Chihayafuru Personality Chihaya Ayase, the protagonist of the anime and manga series Chihayafuru, is a determined and passionate young […]