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Original Name フレイヤ Romaji Name Freya Nicknames N/A Series Chobits Age N/A Weight N/A Height 152 cm Date of Birth December 31 Blood Type N/A Freya – A character analysis from “Chobits Personality Freya, a character from the anime series “Chobits”, has a distinct personality that sets her apart from her twin sister, Chi. Unlike […]

Hideki Motosuwa

Original Name 本須和 秀樹 Romaji Name Motosuwa Hideki Nicknames None Series Chobits Age 18 (19 in the manga) Weight Unknown Height 185 cm Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Hideki Motosuwa The protagonist of Chobits Personality Hideki Motosuwa, the male protagonist of the Chobits anime and manga series, is portrayed as an honest and […]


Original Name すもも Romaji Name Sumomo Nicknames Plum Series Chobits Age Not specified Weight Not specified Height 16 cm Date of Birth Not specified Blood Type Not specified Sumomo by Chobits: A closer look at the Persocom companion Personality Sumomo, also known as “Plum,” is a lively and hyperactive mobile Persocom in the anime series […]


Original Name ちぃ Romaji Name Chii Nicknames Elda Series Chobits Age Unknown Weight – Height 152 cm Date of Birth April 13 Blood Type – Personality Chii, also known as Elda, has a gentle and innocent personality that endears her to those around her. At first, due to her limited programming, she can only say […]