Original Name ネプギア
Romaji Name Nepugia
Nicknames Purple Sister, Ge-Ge, Nep Jr., Neppy Jr.
Series Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation
Age Varies depending on the iteration
Weight 40 kg
Height 154 cm
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Nepgear – The Little Sister of Neptune in “Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation”

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Nepgear, also known as Purple Sister, Ge-Ge, Nep Jr. or Neppy Jr., is a character from the anime series “Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation”. In contrast to her hyperactive and energetic older sister, Neptune, Nepgear is portrayed as a very shy and timid girl. She has a tendency to over-apologize for even the smallest things, which shows her gentle and considerate nature. Despite her initial shyness, Nepgear is friendly and kindhearted, always willing to make new friends and form deep bonds with them.


Nepgear first appears in the game sequel “Choujigen Game Neptune mk2” and also appears in the manga adaptation of the series. She is introduced as the human form of Purple Sister and serves as Neptune’s younger sister. As a CPU candidate, Nepgear plays an important role in the storyline, assisting her sister and contributing to the overall narrative of the series.


Nepgear has a distinctive and endearing appearance. She is 154 cm tall and weighs approximately 40 kg. Her measurements are B78/W56/H80. Nepgear’s design features a combination of purple and white colors, reflecting her role as the Purple Sister. She has short lavender hair and bright purple eyes. Her outfit consists of a purple and white dress with black accents, matching gloves, and white knee-high boots. Nepgear’s appearance conveys a sense of innocence and youthfulness.


While Nepgear may not have the same level of power and confidence as her sister Neptune, she does have her own unique abilities. As Purple Sister, she wields the N-Gear, a fictional, personified handheld gaming device. The N-Gear gives her the ability to engage in combat and perform various attacks and skills. Nepgear’s fighting style focuses more on precision and strategy, making her a valuable asset in the battles fought throughout the series.


Nepgear comes from the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise, a series of video games developed by Idea Factory and Compile Heart. The franchise revolves around a fictional world called Gamindustri, where the goddesses, known as CPUs, represent various gaming consoles. Nepgear represents the Sega Game Gear console, and her name is a combination of “Neptune” and “Game Gear”. The anime adaptation, “Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation,” brings the characters and their adventures to life on screen, including Nepgear’s journey alongside her sister Neptune.
Nepgear’s character development and growth throughout the series make her a beloved and relatable character to fans of Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation. Her contrasting personality and close bond with Neptune add depth to the story, providing both emotional and comedic moments. As the Purple Sister, Nepgear shows her determination and strength, proving that even the shyest of individuals can make a significant impact.
(Note: The information in this article is based on the character Nepgear as seen in “Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation” and related sources.

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Nepgear – FAQ

Who is Nepgear?

Nepgear, whose full name is Nepgear Neptune, is a fictional character from the anime series “Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation”. She is the younger sister of the main character Neptune. Nepgear is a CPU candidate, which means she is a candidate to become a goddess in the world of Gamindustri.

What are Nepgear’s characteristics?

Nepgear is portrayed as a kind, hardworking, and somewhat shy character. She is known for her intelligence and technical skills. Nepgear is often portrayed as a responsible and dependable character who takes her duties seriously. She has a strong sense of justice and is determined to protect Gamindustri.

What is Nepgear’s role in the show?

Nepgear plays an important role in the “Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation” series. As a CPU candidate, she aspires to become a goddess and protect Gamindustri alongside her sister and other CPU candidates. Nepgear often takes on missions and fights against various threats to maintain peace in the land.

What are Nepgear’s abilities?

Nepgear has the ability to transform into her goddess form, Purple Sister, during combat. In this form, she gains increased strength, speed, and various magical abilities. Nepgear is also adept at using technological gadgets and weapons, making her a formidable fighter.

Does Nepgear have a relationship with any other characters?

Nepgear has several important relationships with other characters in the series. Her bond with her older sister Neptune is particularly strong, and they often support and encourage each other. She also forms close friendships with the other CPU candidates, including Uni, Rom, and Ram.

What is Nepgear’s personality like?

Nepgear is generally portrayed as a kindhearted and humble character. She is often portrayed as polite and well-mannered, and she cares deeply for her friends and loved ones. Nepgear can be somewhat indecisive and lacks confidence at times, but she always strives to do her best.