Tokio Kurohara

Original Name 黒原 トキオ
Romaji Name Kurohara Tokio
Nicknames Bestial Choujin
Series Choujin X
Age 16 years old
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


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The protagonist of “Choujin X”.


Tokio Kurohara, the protagonist of the “Choujin X” manga series, has a very compassionate and friendly personality. He is always willing to help others and has a strong sense of justice. Despite being bullied and ridiculed, Tokio remains resilient and compassionate, showing his inner strength and determination.


Tokio Kurohara is a 16-year-old student and close friend of Azuma Higashi. He was probably born and raised in Yamato Prefecture. During a trip to the zoo when he was a small child, Tokio was bullied by his classmates, who compared him to a vulture, an animal associated with negative undertones. However, his friend Azuma comforted him and expressed his admiration for vultures, which later influenced Tokio’s choujin form, which resembles a vulture.


In “Choujin X,” Tokio Kurohara is depicted as a young teenager with a distinct appearance. He has unkempt brown hair and expressive eyes. Tokio’s Choujin form, which he assumes after the events of the first chapter, resembles a vulture. This transformation changes his appearance, giving him wings, sharp claws, and other avian characteristics.


As the Bestial Choujin, Tokio Kurohara possesses unique abilities associated with his vulture-like form. While the specific details of his powers vary throughout the series, his Choujin form grants him enhanced physical attributes such as increased strength, agility, and speed. In addition, Tokio may possess abilities related to flight, keen senses, and the use of sharp claws and beak-like appendages in combat.

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Tokio Kurohara’s journey as the main character in “Choujin X” begins when he takes on the role of the Bestial Choujin. After enduring the bullying and ridicule of his peers, Tokio’s transformation into a vulture-like Choujin form symbolizes his growth, resilience, and the emergence of his hidden potential. As the story progresses, Tokio embarks on a journey of self-discovery, facing various challenges and adversaries as he seeks to understand and harness his newfound powers.

Tokio Kurohara – FAQ

FAQ about Tokio Kurohara from Choujin X

Who is Tokio Kurohara?
Tokio Kurohara is the main character of the manga series “Choujin X”. He is a high school student who gains superhuman powers and becomes a Choujin, a being with extraordinary abilities.

How does Tokio Kurohara get his powers?
Tokio Kurohara gains his powers by ingesting a mysterious substance known as the “Choujin Drug”. This drug gives him superhuman abilities, but also comes with certain risks and side effects.

What are Tokio Kurohara’s superhuman abilities?
Tokio Kurohara has increased strength, speed, agility, and endurance after taking the Choujin Drug. In addition, he can manipulate energy and has the ability to create and control powerful shockwaves.

What motivates Tokio Kurohara in the series?
Tokio Kurohara is motivated by the desire to protect his friends and loved ones from harm. He also seeks to uncover the truth behind the Choujin Drug and the organization responsible for its creation.

Will Tokio Kurohara face any challenges or obstacles?
Yes, throughout the series, Tokio Kurohara faces many challenges and obstacles. He must constantly deal with the side effects of the Choujin Drug and navigate the complex web of organizations and individuals involved in its distribution. He also faces powerful enemies with their own unique abilities.

Are there any other notable characters closely associated with Tokio Kurohara?
Yes, Tokio Kurohara forms alliances with other Choujin who have also taken the Choujin Drug. These characters, such as Rika Akiba and Hiroto Kusaka, become his allies and fight alongside him against their common enemies.