Original Name アイオーン
Romaji Name Aion
Nicknames The Sinner
Series Chrno Crusade
Age Unknown
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Aion of “Chrno Crusade”: A mysterious and ambitious character

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Aion, also known as “The Sinner”, is portrayed as a cunning and charismatic individual with a thoughtful nature. He is an ambitious and powerful demon who seeks freedom from the oppressive system of Pandaemonium, the demon society. Aion’s leadership skills and natural charm attract followers who share his dream of freedom. While he cares deeply for his followers, he is willing to sacrifice them to achieve his ultimate goal: the total destruction of Pandaemonium and the “rebirth” of the world. Aion’s deep hatred and fear of Pandaemonium has become an obsession that influences his actions and decisions. Despite his cruel reputation, Aion has a noble side and a tragic past that drives his relentless pursuit of his dreams.


Aion comes from the demon society of Pandaemonium, but he betrayed his own kind in pursuit of his ideals. Tired of the oppressive system within Pandaemonium, he decided to follow his dream of freedom. In an act of rebellion, Aion killed the Demon Queen, the mother of all demons, and fled to Earth with other like-minded demons. Aion trusted Chrno, another important character in the series, but their different perspectives led to Chrno’s betrayal. Aion felt the pain of Chrno’s betrayal deeply, yet he still holds a glimmer of hope that Chrno will once again join his cause. Aion’s complex background and motivations add depth to his character, making him both intriguing and enigmatic.


Aion’s appearance is that of a young man with an appearance of about 20 years old. He has a striking and captivating presence that matches his charismatic nature. Aion’s character design combines elements of darkness and elegance, reflecting his complex personality and role as a powerful demon. His physical appearance, coupled with his enigmatic personality, adds to his allure and mystique.


As a powerful demon, Aion possesses a number of impressive abilities. His combat skills are highly advanced, and he relies on his exceptional fighting abilities to achieve his goals. Aion’s intelligence and resourcefulness make him a formidable opponent, and he often uses his cunning to outmaneuver his opponents. In addition, Aion has a deep understanding of demonic forces and is able to manipulate them to his advantage. These skills, combined with his charismatic leadership, make Aion a force to be reckoned with in the world of Chrno Crusade.


Aion’s origins lie within the demon society of Pandaemonium. He was once a part of this oppressive system, but chose to rebel against it in search of freedom. Aion’s actions and decisions are driven by his desire to completely dismantle Pandaemonium and usher in a new era. His origins as a powerful demon and subsequent rebellion provide a compelling backstory that adds depth to his character and motivations.

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Aion – FAQ

What is Aion in “Chrno Crusade”?

Aion is a character in the anime and manga series “Chrno Crusade”. He is the main antagonist and leader of a group called the Sinners. Aion is a fallen angel who seeks to overthrow God and establish his own version of paradise on Earth.

What are Aion’s powers and abilities?

Aion has various supernatural powers and abilities. He is skilled in combat and possesses superhuman strength, speed, and endurance. Aion can manipulate dark energy and create powerful explosions and barriers. He can also manipulate time and space to a certain extent, allowing him to teleport and create portals.

What is Aion’s motivation in Chrno Crusade?

Aion’s primary motivation is to challenge and overthrow God. He believes that God has abandoned humanity and wants to create a world where humans can live freely without the interference of divine beings. Aion sees itself as a liberator and wants to give humanity the power to shape its own destiny.

How does Aion interact with the main characters in Chrno Crusade?

Aion has a complex relationship with the main characters in Chrno Crusade. He shares a history with the protagonist, Rosette Christopher, and their fates are intertwined. Aion often appears as a manipulative and charismatic figure, trying to sway Rosette to his cause. He also clashes with the other members of the main cast, engaging them in battles and psychological confrontations.

Is Aion all evil in Chrno Crusade?

Aion is portrayed as an antagonist and is generally described as a malevolent character. However, his motivations and actions are not entirely black and white. Aion believes he is fighting for a just cause and genuinely wishes to free humanity from what he sees as divine oppression. While his methods are often ruthless, he possesses a complex personality and shows moments of vulnerability and conflicted emotions.

Does Aion have any redeeming qualities?

Despite his antagonistic role, Aion is portrayed with certain redeeming qualities. He is charismatic, intelligent, and has a deep understanding of both human and angelic nature. Aion is also shown to care about his fellow sinners and is willing to make personal sacrifices for their sake. However, his ultimate goal of overthrowing God and the means he uses to achieve it often overshadow these positive aspects of his character.