Mei Aihara

Original Name 藍原 芽衣
Romaji Name Mei Aihara
Nicknames Meimei
Series Citrus
Age 16
Weight N/A
Height Unknown
Date of Birth 13th September
Blood Type Unknown


Mei Aihara, a character from the manga and anime series “Citrus,” has a complex and multifaceted personality. Initially perceived as stern, cold, and difficult to approach, Mei reveals a sensitive and lonely side as the story progresses. Despite her calm demeanor, she can be emotionally vulnerable and mature in certain situations. Mei’s character undergoes significant development as she forms a deep bond with the series’ protagonist, Yuzu Aihara, and begins to open up emotionally.


Mei Aihara’s background in “Citrus” is marked by her position as an honor student, the granddaughter of the school president, and the president of the student council. Her upbringing in a prestigious family and her responsibilities as a leader contribute to her disciplined and composed nature. Mei’s background also reveals a sense of loneliness and isolation that stems from her longing for genuine emotional connection.


Mei Aihara is portrayed as a very beautiful young girl in “Citrus”. She has straight, silky, mid-back-length black hair that is often styled with bangs hanging over her forehead. Her striking purple eyes add to her allure and attract the attention of those around her. Mei’s appearance exudes elegance and sophistication, reflecting her position as a prominent figure within the school.


While “Citrus” focuses primarily on the characters’ emotional journeys, Mei Aihara does not possess any extraordinary abilities or powers. Her strengths lie in her intelligence, discipline, and leadership skills, which make her an effective student council president. Mei demonstrates her abilities through her dedication to her studies and her ability to maintain order and structure within the school environment.


Mei Aihara comes from the manga series “Citrus” created by Saburouta. The series explores Mei’s personal growth and her evolving relationship with Yuzu Aihara, her step-sister. Mei’s character development and struggles with her emotions and identity drive the narrative, providing readers and viewers with a compelling story of love, self-discovery and acceptance.
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Mei Aihara – FAQ

Who is Mei Aihara?

Mei Aihara is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Citrus”. She is one of the main protagonists and the student council president of Aihara Academy.

What is Mei Aihara’s personality like?

Mei is initially portrayed as cold, distant and unapproachable. She is known for her serious demeanor and strict adherence to rules and responsibilities. However, as the story progresses, her complex and vulnerable side is revealed.

What is the relationship between Mei Aihara and Yuzu Aihara?

Mei is Yuzu Aihara’s stepsister. Their relationship is rocky at first, but they eventually develop romantic feelings for each other. Mei and Yuzu’s relationship is the focus of the Citrus series.

How does Mei Aihara’s character develop over the course of the series?

Throughout the series, Mei undergoes significant character development. She begins to question her strict adherence to rules and gradually opens up emotionally. Mei learns to express her feelings more openly and becomes more understanding and compassionate.

What challenges does Mei Aihara face in the series?

Mei faces several challenges throughout the series, including conflicts with her grandfather, who has high expectations for her, and struggles with her own insecurities and self-doubt. She also deals with the complex dynamics of her relationship with Yuzu, as well as societal prejudices and expectations.

Does Mei Aihara have any special talents or skills?

Mei is portrayed as academically gifted and excels in her studies. She takes her role as student council president seriously and demonstrates strong leadership skills. Mei is also skilled in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.