Youhei Sunohara

Original Name 春原 陽平
Romaji Name Sunohara Yōhei
Nicknames None
Series Clannad Movie
Age Not specified
Weight 55 kg (121.25 lbs)
Height 167 cm (5.48 ft)
Date of Birth February 17, 1987
Blood Type AB


Youhei Sunohara, a character from the “Clannad Movie”, has a vivid and lively personality. While he is known for his comedic antics in the original Clannad series, the movie portrays him with a more serious and mature demeanor. Despite this change, Youhei still retains his energetic nature and often brings a touch of humor to the story. Extroverted and somewhat dim-witted, he provides comic relief and light-hearted moments throughout the film.


In the Clannad movie, Youhei Sunohara is introduced as Tomoya Okazaki’s friend and fellow delinquent. Initially, he joins Hikarizaka Private High School because of a recommendation for soccer. However, due to his involvement in a fight, he is expelled from the soccer club, which leads to a decline in his motivation and academic performance. Youhei’s background is explored in the film, shedding light on his family’s financial struggles, which leads him to take a part-time job to support them.


Youhei Sunohara has a youthful appearance in the Clannad movie. He has short, spiky yellow hair that was originally black. His blue eyes add to his lively and expressive appearance. Youhei’s height is approximately 167 cm (5.48 ft), and he has a slim build and weighs approximately 55 kg (121.25 lbs). His physical appearance matches his energetic personality and serves as a visual representation of his character traits.


Although Youhei Sunohara does not possess any extraordinary abilities or powers, he does have exceptional athletic skills, especially in soccer. However, his expulsion from the soccer club limits his opportunities to showcase his talents. Despite this setback, Youhei’s determination and resilience are evident as he adapts to his circumstances and seeks alternative ways to make a positive contribution to the lives of those around him.


Youhei Sunohara originates from the visual novel Clannad, which was later adapted into various media, including the Clannad movie. Developed by Key and released in 2004, Clannad follows the story of Tomoya Okazaki and his interactions with various characters, including Youhei. The film adaptation offers a condensed version of the original visual novel, focusing on specific character arcs and storylines. Youhei’s arc in the movie focuses on his relationship with his sister Mei and his personal growth.

Youhei Sunohara – FAQ

Who is Youhei Sunohara in the “Clannad Movie”?

Youhei Sunohara is a character in the “Clannad Movie”, an animated film adaptation of the visual novel and anime series “Clannad”. He is one of the main characters and serves as comic relief in the story.

What is Youhei Sunohara’s personality like?

Youhei Sunohara is portrayed as a loud, energetic, and often irresponsible character. He is known for his carefree and mischievous nature, often getting himself into trouble or humorous situations.

What is Youhei Sunohara’s role in the story?

Youhei Sunohara is a close friend of the main character, Tomoya Okazaki. He provides comic relief throughout the movie and serves as a supporting character. Although he does not play a central role in the main plot, his interactions with other characters contribute to the lighthearted moments of the overall story.

Does Youhei Sunohara have any significant character development?

In the “Clannad Movie”, Youhei Sunohara’s character development is not as pronounced as in the original visual novel and anime series. However, he does show moments of growth and maturity, especially in the way he supports his friends during difficult times.

What are Youhei Sunohara’s relationships with the other characters?

Youhei Sunohara is best friends with Tomoya Okazaki, the protagonist of the story. He also has a complicated relationship with Mei Sunohara, his younger sister, and is often at odds with her. He also interacts with other characters from the Clannad universe, such as Nagisa Furukawa and Kyou Fujibayashi.

Does Youhei Sunohara have any special skills or talents?

Youhei Sunohara does not have any special abilities or talents in the “Clannad Movie”. However, he is known for his athletic skills, especially in soccer, and often participates in sports-related activities.