Original Name (Japanese): にゃんまる
Romaji Name: Nyanmaru
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Code:Breaker
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown

Here is an article about the character “Nyanmaru” from the anime/manga “Code:Breaker”:


Nyanmaru is a cheerful and energetic character who often refers to herself in the third person. She is very loyal to and protective of her friend Yuuki Tenpouin. Nyanmaru has a playful and childlike demeanor, often making cat-like noises and gestures.

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Not much is known of Nyanmaru’s background. She seems to be a close friend and companion of Yuuki Tenpouin, one of the main characters in Code:Breaker. Nyanmaru is often seen at Yuuki’s side and seems to care deeply for him.


Nyanmaru has a petite, youthful appearance with short, messy black hair. She has large, expressive eyes and often wears a feline expression on her face. Nyanmaru’s outfit consists of a simple white shirt and shorts, giving her a casual, relaxed look.


Nyanmaru’s abilities are not explicitly stated, as she does not appear to possess any special powers or combat skills. She seems to be more of a supporting character, providing emotional support and companionship to Yuuki.


Nyanmaru is a character from the manga and anime series “Code:Breaker”. She is introduced as a friend and admirer of the protagonist, Yuuki Tenpouin, and plays a minor but memorable role throughout the story.

Nyanmaru – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Nyanmaru from “Code:Breaker”:

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Who is Nyanmaru?

Nyanmaru is a character who appears in the manga and anime series “Code:Breaker”. He is a mysterious being connected to the main protagonist, Sakura Sakurakoji, and the group of “Code:Breakers” she encounters.

What is Nyanmaru’s role in the story?

Nyanmaru serves as a guide and mentor to Sakura, helping her understand the world of the Code:Breakers and the supernatural abilities they possess. He appears in a cat-like form and provides Sakura with information and advice as she navigates this new and dangerous world.

What are Nyanmaru’s powers or abilities?

Nyanmaru is not a typical cat, but rather a being with various supernatural abilities. He has the power to transform into different shapes, including a human-like appearance, and he can also communicate telepathically with Sakura. Nyanmaru also seems to have a deep understanding of the Code:Breaker organization and the mysterious forces at work in the story.

How did Nyanmaru first meet Sakura?

Nyanmaru first meets Sakura shortly after she becomes involved with the Code:Breakers. He appears to her in his feline form and begins to guide her through the complexities of this new world, offering her protection and support as she navigates her newfound role.

What is Nyanmaru’s relationship to the other Code:Breakers?

Nyanmaru has a somewhat mysterious relationship with the other Code:Breakers. While he works to help and protect Sakura, his loyalties and true motivations are not always clear. The other Code:Breakers seem to respect Nyanmaru’s knowledge and skills, but there is an underlying sense of mystery and uncertainty surrounding his role.

What is the significance of Nyanmaru’s connection to Sakura?

Nyanmaru’s connection to Sakura is a central part of the “Code:Breaker” story. As Sakura becomes more involved with the Code:Breakers, Nyanmaru’s guidance and support become increasingly important. Their bond suggests that Sakura may have a unique role to play in the larger events and conflicts that unfold throughout the series.