Original Name プラプラ
Romaji Name Purapura
Nicknames (None available)
Series Colorful (Movie)
Age (Unknown)
Weight (Unknown)
Height (Unknown)
Date of Birth (Unknown)
Blood Type (Unknown)


Purapura, a character from the movie “Colorful,” is portrayed as a spirit who guides souls after death. As a guardian spirit, Purapura has a gentle and compassionate nature. Although unable to reincarnate, Purapura accepts her fate and takes on the responsibility of helping others on their journey after death. This selflessness and dedication to her duty demonstrates Purapura’s kind-hearted and empathetic personality.

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In “Colorful,” Purapura is portrayed as a soul who was unable to be reborn. Instead, she was given a job by the “Boss” to become a guardian spirit. The film delves into Purapura’s background, shedding light on her experiences and journey as she navigates the realm of souls. While specific details of Purapura’s past are not explicitly mentioned, her role as a guardian spirit suggests a deep understanding of the afterlife and the challenges souls face.


Purapura’s appearance in “Colorful” is depicted as the upside-down face of a woman. This unique visual representation adds to the ethereal and otherworldly atmosphere of the film. The design of Purapura’s character aims to evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue, and to capture the audience’s attention. The upside-down face symbolizes the unconventional nature of Purapura’s existence and her role as a guardian spirit.


As guardian spirits, Purapura possess certain abilities that aid them in their role of guiding souls after death. While the film doesn’t explicitly detail the full extent of Purapura’s abilities, it can be inferred that they have the power to comfort and assist souls in their transition. Purapura’s empathetic nature allows them to understand the struggles and emotions of the departed, providing comfort and guidance during their journey.


Purapura’s origin in “Colorful” is intertwined with the realm of souls and the afterlife. The movie depicts Purapura as a soul who was unable to reincarnate, and was subsequently given a purpose by the “Boss” to become a guardian spirit. The origin of Purapura’s character is rooted in the concept of life and death, exploring the spiritual realm and the importance of guiding souls to their next phase.


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Purapura – FAQ

FAQ about Purapura from “Colorful (Movie)”.

What is Purapura in the movie “Colorful”?
Purapura is a magical being or spirit that plays an important role in the movie “Colorful”. She gives the protagonist a second chance at life by allowing him to inhabit the body of a deceased boy named Makoto.
What does Purapura represent in the film?
Purapura represents the concept of redemption and the chance to make amends for past mistakes. It symbolizes the possibility of personal growth and transformation for the main character.
How does Purapura help the main character in the movie?
Purapura allows the protagonist to inhabit Makoto’s body and experience life from his perspective. Through this experience, the protagonist learns valuable lessons about empathy, self-reflection, and the importance of human relationships.
Can anyone see or interact with Purapura?
No, only the main character can see and communicate with Purapura. Purapura remains invisible and intangible to others, existing only as a presence that guides and supports the protagonist’s journey.
Is Purapura a physical being or a spiritual being?
Purapura is portrayed as a spiritual entity rather than a physical being. He takes the form of a translucent and ethereal figure with no discernible gender or age.
Does Purapura have any limitations or restrictions?
Purapura’s powers are limited to the specific purpose of giving the protagonist a second chance at life. She cannot interfere with other aspects of reality or change the course of events beyond the protagonist’s personal journey.
Does Purapura exist in the real world outside of the movie?
No, Purapura is a fictional character created for the movie “Colorful”. She does not exist in the real world beyond her portrayal in the movie.