Ibara Naruse

Original Name: 成瀬 荊
Romaji Name: Naruse Ibara
Nicknames: None
Series: Coppelion
Age: 17
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Ibara Naruse is the protagonist of the Coppelion series. She is described as brave, stubborn, and caring for her friends Aoi Fukasaku and Taeko Nomura. As the leader of the Coppelion Rescue Unit, she is determined to save the survivors in the contaminated city.


Ibara is a third year high school student with superhuman abilities. She is a friend and classmate of Aoi and Taeko, and the leader of the Coppelion Rescue Unit. Ibara’s production code is C-2.

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Ibara has long dark hair and wears the standard Coppelion uniform. She is armed with a modified Ludger 22 caliber Ruger and sometimes a “Hand Arrow” surface-to-air missile.


Ibara has enhanced athletic abilities and great combat skills. She can administer Aether, a genetic serum that helps keep survivors alive while they await rescue.


Ibara Naruse is the main protagonist of the Coppelion series, which is set in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo contaminated by nuclear radiation.

Ibara Naruse – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Ibara Naruse from “Coppelion”:

Who is Ibara Naruse?

Ibara Naruse is one of the main characters in the anime series “Coppelion”. She is a young girl who was genetically engineered to be immune to radiation, along with two other girls named Aoi and Taeko. They were sent into the irradiated ruins of Tokyo to search for and rescue any survivors after a nuclear disaster.

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What are Ibara’s special skills?

As a Coppelion, Ibara has the ability to withstand high levels of radiation that would be fatal to normal humans. She can also detect the presence of radiation and guide the other Coppelions through the dangerous environment. Ibara is shown to have enhanced physical abilities, such as strength and agility, which allow her to effectively navigate the ruins.

What is Ibara’s personality like?

Ibara is often described as cold and distant, hiding her emotions and true feelings behind a stoic demeanor. However, she is also deeply compassionate and driven to accomplish her mission of rescuing survivors, even at the risk of her own life. Over the course of the series, Ibara begins to open up and develop stronger relationships with her teammates, Aoi and Taeko.

What is Ibara’s background?

Ibara was created by the government as part of the Coppelion Project, a program that genetically engineered young girls to be immune to radiation in order to aid in disaster relief efforts. She was raised in a controlled environment and trained extensively for her role, though the full extent of her upbringing and the reasons behind the Coppelion Project are not fully explored in the anime.

How does Ibara’s role evolve over the course of the story?

At first, Ibara is focused solely on completing her mission and saving the survivors in the irradiated city. However, as she encounters various challenges and interacts with the people she meets, Ibara’s worldview and priorities begin to shift. She struggles with the moral and ethical implications of her role as a Coppelion and begins to question the true nature of her purpose and the Coppelion Project.

What is Ibara’s relationship with her teammates Aoi and Taeko?

Ibara’s relationship with Aoi and Taeko, the other Coppelion girls, is a central part of the story. While they start out as colleagues with a common mission, their bond gradually deepens as they face adversity and support each other. Ibara, who is initially the most distant and reserved of the three, begins to open up and rely on her teammates, ultimately forming a strong friendship and sense of camaraderie.