Yoshiki Kishinuma

Japanese Name 岸沼 良樹
Romaji Name Kishinuma Yoshiki
Nicknames Yoshi, Kishi
Series Corpse Party
Age 17
Weight 65 kg
Height 175 cm
Date of Birth April 12, 1989
Blood Type O

Yoshiki Kishinuma of “Corpse Party: Missing Footage

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Yoshiki Kishinuma is a character with a complex personality. He has the aura of a delinquent and has had difficulties at school due to problems at home. Initially, he had considered dropping out of Kisaragi Academy, as he lacked interest and saw no reason to continue attending. However, his perspective changes when Ayumi Shinozaki stands up for him against her gym teacher, Mikio Tsubota. Despite his occasional outbursts of frustration when faced with difficult situations, Yoshiki generally means well. However, his actions can appear cold or even selfish to those around him.


Yoshiki Kishinuma is a major recurring character in the Corpse Party series, especially in Corpse Party: Missing Footage. He is a former student of Kisaragi Academy Senior High School Class 2-9 and one of the five original survivors of the cursed Heavenly Host Elementary School. Yoshiki’s troubled home life has contributed to his rebellious attitude and difficulties in school. Throughout the series, he undergoes various traumatic experiences and plays a crucial role in unraveling the mysteries surrounding Heavenly Host.


Yoshiki Kishinuma is a teenage boy of average height and build. He has gray eyes and short, bleached, slightly spiky hair. Yoshiki is often seen wearing the standard dark gray male uniform of the Kisaragi Academy.


In terms of abilities, Yoshiki Kishinuma does not possess any supernatural powers or extraordinary skills. However, he shows resilience and resourcefulness in surviving the dangerous and supernatural events that occur in the Corpse Party series. His determination and willingness to protect his friends make him a valuable asset in the face of danger.


Yoshiki Kishinuma originates from the “Corpse Party” series, specifically the “Corpse Party: Missing Footage” OVA. The franchise began as a survival horror video game developed by Team GrisGris, and has since expanded to include several adaptations, including anime, manga, and live-action films. Yoshiki’s character plays a significant role in the overarching story of Heavenly Host Elementary School and its curse.

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Yoshiki Kishinuma – FAQ

Who is Yoshiki Kishinuma in “Corpse Party: Missing Footage”?

Yoshiki Kishinuma is one of the main characters in the anime OVA (original video animation) titled “Corpse Party: Missing Footage”. He is a high school student and one of the survivors of the cursed Heavenly Host Elementary School.

What is Yoshiki Kishinuma’s role in “Corpse Party: Missing Footage”?

In “Corpse Party: Missing Footage,” Yoshiki Kishinuma serves as one of the main characters. He is portrayed as a brave and protective friend who is determined to save his classmates from the horrific events unfolding in the haunted school.

What are Yoshiki Kishinuma’s characteristics and personality?

Yoshiki Kishinuma is characterized as a strong-willed and dependable individual. He has a courageous nature and is willing to put himself in danger to ensure the safety of his friends. Yoshiki is often seen as the voice of reason in tense situations, providing support and guidance to his fellow survivors.

How does Yoshiki Kishinuma contribute to the plot of “Corpse Party: Missing Footage”?

Yoshiki Kishinuma plays an important role in the development of the storyline in “Corpse Party: Missing Footage. His determination and resourcefulness are crucial in navigating the treacherous school environment and uncovering the dark secrets surrounding Heavenly Host Elementary School.

Does Yoshiki Kishinuma have any notable relationships with other characters in Corpse Party: Missing Footage”?

Yes, Yoshiki Kishinuma forms close bonds with several other characters in “Corpse Party: Missing Footage. He has a particularly strong friendship with Ayumi Shinozaki, another survivor. Their relationship develops as they navigate the horrors of the haunted school together, providing each other with emotional support and encouragement.

What challenges does Yoshiki Kishinuma face in “Corpse Party: Missing Footage”?

Yoshiki Kishinuma faces many challenges in “Corpse Party: Missing Footage. He must confront the evil spirits that haunt Heavenly Host Elementary School, solve intricate puzzles, and make difficult decisions that affect the fate of his friends. In addition, Yoshiki must confront his own fears and traumas as he fights to survive.