Japanese Name ぶりぶりざえもん
Romaji Name Buriburizaemon
Series Crayon Shin-chan
Date of Birth
Blood Type


The quirky character from Crayon Shin-chan

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Buriburizaemon, a character from the popular anime series Crayon Shin-chan, is known for his unique and amusing personality. Despite being portrayed as a heroic figure, Buriburizaemon is actually quite cowardly, lazy, treacherous, and funny. He often finds himself in comical situations, providing the audience with laughter and entertainment. Buriburizaemon’s cowardice and laziness add a humorous touch to his character, making him stand out among the cast of Crayon Shin-chan.


Buriburizaemon is a product of the vivid imagination of the show’s protagonist, Shin-chan. Although he only exists in Shin-chan’s mind, he is treated as an actual character in the series. Buriburizaemon appears in episodes and chapters that revolve around ancient Japan, adding a historical and cultural element to the story. Despite being a fictional creation, Buriburizaemon has gained popularity among fans of Crayon Shin-chan.


Buriburizaemon is depicted as a pig with anthropomorphic features. He has a distinctive appearance and wears traditional samurai attire, including a robe and helmet. His character design incorporates both comedic and heroic elements, reflecting his contradictory personality traits. With his rotund physique and expressive facial expressions, Buriburizaemon’s visual presentation contributes to the comedic appeal of the series.


While Buriburizaemon has no extraordinary abilities or powers, his comedic presence and witty dialogue make him a memorable character. He often finds himself in humorous situations that showcase his unique problem-solving skills and imaginative thinking. Despite his cowardice, Buriburizaemon occasionally shows moments of bravery, albeit in a comical manner. His abilities lie more in his comedic timing and entertaining interactions with other characters than in any specific superhuman powers.


The character name “Buriburizaemon” is a combination of two elements. “Buriburi” represents the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound poop makes when it leaves the anus, while “Zaemon” is a typical samurai name suffix. This combination of elements adds a humorous touch to his name, in keeping with his overall comedic portrayal in the series. Buriburizaemon’s origins can be traced back to Shin-chan’s imaginative world, where he brings ancient Japan to life through his vivid and often comedic interpretations.
In Crayon Shin-chan, Buriburizaemon serves as a delightful and entertaining addition to the cast of characters. Despite his fictional nature, he has left a lasting impression on fans of the series thanks to his amusing personality, distinctive appearance, and comedic presence. Whether engaging in hilarious antics or providing comedic relief, Buriburizaemon continues to bring laughter and enjoyment to Crayon Shin-chan viewers.

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Buriburizaemon – FAQ

Who is Buriburizaemon?

Buriburizaemon is a character from the popular manga and anime series “Crayon Shin-chan”. He is a mischievous alien pig with blue skin and a distinctive curly tail.

What are Buriburizaemon’s characteristics?

Buriburizaemon is known for his playful and mischievous nature. He often causes trouble and gets involved in humorous and chaotic situations. He has the unique ability to transform into various objects and creatures, which adds to the comedic elements of the series.

How does Buriburizaemon interact with the other characters?

Buriburizaemon is a close friend of the main character, Shinnosuke Nohara, and often visits the Nohara family. He enjoys playing pranks on Shinnosuke’s parents and engaging in silly antics with the other characters. Despite his mischievous behavior, he is generally well liked by the other characters in the series.

Where is Buriburizaemon from?

Buriburizaemon is an alien from the planet Buri Buri. He crash-landed on Earth and eventually became friends with Shinnosuke Nohara. His unique appearance and abilities make him stand out from the other characters in the series.

What is the significance of Buriburizaemon in “Crayon Shin-chan”?

Buriburizaemon is one of the recurring characters in “Crayon Shin-chan” and plays an important role in adding humor and chaos to the story. His mischievous nature and ability to transform into various objects and creatures often lead to hilarious situations and comedic moments in the series.

Are there any memorable episodes or moments involving Buriburizaemon?

There are several memorable episodes involving Buriburizaemon in “Crayon Shin-chan”. One notable episode is when he turns into a giant robot and wreaks havoc in the city. Another memorable moment is when he turns into a ghost and scares Shinnosuke’s friends during a camping trip. These moments highlight Buriburizaemon’s ability to create chaos and entertain the audience.