Gabimaru Rikiya

Original Name (Japanese): 我見丸 力也
Romaji Name: Gabimaru Rikiya
Nicknames: Gogul
Series: Cyber City Oedo 808
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Gabimaru “Gogul” Rikiya is a calm, well-read, and level-headed individual, but he is also capable of extreme violence when necessary. Despite his scarred face and cybernetic eyes, which may make him appear to be the muscle of the group, his greatest strength lies in his brilliant mind. Gogul is a first-rate computer hacker, capable of cracking the most complicated codes.


Before his capture, Gogul worked with a fellow hacker named Sara, where they hacked a military code and held it for ransom. This criminal activity eventually led to his imprisonment, and he is currently serving a 310-year sentence in a men’s prison, with only a 0.013% chance of parole.

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Gogul’s appearance is quite distinctive, with a scarred face and cybernetic eyes that contribute to his intimidating presence. Despite this, he is often well-read and maintains a calm demeanor.


Gogul’s primary strength lies in his exceptional hacking skills, which allow him to break into even the most sophisticated computer systems. In addition, he is able to wield powerful weapons and is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter capable of overpowering even the largest of opponents.


Gabimaru “Gogul” Rikiya was born in Shanghai, China, in Ward PX43. His nationality is unspecified, but his criminal record includes a wide range of offenses, including murder, assault, destruction of public and private property, possession of illegal weapons, and various other infractions.

Gabimaru Rikiya – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Gabimaru Rikiya from “Cyber City Oedo 808”:

Who is Gabimaru Rikiya?

Gabimaru Rikiya is a character from the anime “Cyber City Oedo 808”. He is a cyborg police officer working in the futuristic city of Oedo. Rikiya is known for his cybernetic enhancements and his skills as a detective and crime fighter.

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What are Rikiya’s abilities?

Thanks to his cybernetic implants, Rikiya has increased strength, speed, and endurance. He is also an expert marksman and hand-to-hand combatant. Rikiya uses a variety of advanced weapons and gadgets to aid him in his police work.

What is Rikiya’s role in the story?

Rikiya is one of the three main characters of “Cyber City Oedo 808”. Together with his partners Sengoku and Benten, he investigates and fights against various criminal threats in the futuristic city of Oedo.

What is Rikiya’s backstory?

Before becoming a cyborg police officer, Rikiya was a member of a special forces unit. He was critically injured during a mission, but his life was saved by cybernetic enhancements. Rikiya now uses his abilities to protect the citizens of Oedo.

How does Rikiya interact with his teammates?

Rikiya has a close working relationship with his fellow officers Sengoku and Benten. While he can be serious and by-the-book, Rikiya also has a dry sense of humor and camaraderie with his partners as they tackle dangerous cases together.

What is Rikiya’s significance in the “Cyber City Oedo 808” universe?

Rikiya is a central character in the Cyber City Oedo 808 series, representing the cyberpunk aesthetic and advanced technology used by law enforcement in the futuristic city. His cybernetic enhancements and crime-fighting abilities make him an iconic character in the anime.