Maho Akashi

Japanese Name 明石 真秀
Romaji Name Akashi Maho
Nicknames DJ Mash
Series D4DJ First Mix
Age Not specified
Weight 47 kg
Height 159 cm
Date of Birth September 20
Blood Type A

Maho Akashi from “D4DJ First Mix

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Maho Akashi, also known by her DJ name DJ Mash, is a character from the anime series “D4DJ First Mix”. She is portrayed as an amateur DJ with a vibrant and enthusiastic personality. Maho is shown to be passionate about DJing and deeply moved by a DJ performance she witnessed in the past. She is friendly and outgoing, always willing to introduce others to the world of DJing. As a member of the DJ unit Happy Around!, Maho serves as the main DJ and also contributes as a vocalist.


Maho Akashi’s background in “D4DJ First Mix” is relatively limited. However, it is revealed that she is a student who attends the same school as Rinku Aimoto, the main protagonist. After Rinku approaches her, Maho is instrumental in introducing Rinku to the world of DJing, and the two form a strong bond as they perform together. Despite her amateur status, Maho’s passion for DJing shines through, and she strives to improve her skills and make a name for herself in the industry.


Maho Akashi is portrayed as a young girl with a vibrant and energetic appearance. She has short, bright pink hair that complements her dynamic personality. With a height of 159 cm and a weight of 47 kg, Maho has a slender and agile physique. She is often seen wearing trendy and colorful outfits that reflect her vibrant character. Her fashion sense matches the energetic atmosphere of the DJ scene and shows her dedication to her craft.


As an amateur DJ, Maho Akashi demonstrates her skills and abilities throughout the series. She is adept at mixing and blending tracks, creating an electrifying atmosphere during her performances. Despite her initial lack of experience, Maho’s passion and determination drive her to continually improve her DJing skills. It is worth noting that Maho is not only a skilled DJ, but also a talented singer, showcasing her versatility as a performer.


Maho Akashi comes from the anime series “D4DJ First Mix”. The series revolves around a group of high school students who form DJ units and aim to entertain and captivate audiences with their music. Maho’s journey begins when she meets Rinku Aimoto, and together they embark on a musical adventure, discovering their passion for DJing and striving to make a name for themselves in the industry. As a member of the DJ unit Happy Around!, Maho’s origins lie in the vibrant and competitive world of DJ culture depicted in the series.
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Maho Akashi – FAQ

Who is Maho Akashi?

Maho Akashi is a fictional character from the multimedia franchise “D4DJ” and its anime series “D4DJ First Mix”. She is one of the main characters and a member of the DJ unit called “Peaky P-key”.

What is Maho Akashi’s role in “D4DJ First Mix”?

Maho Akashi serves as the energetic and passionate member of Peaky P-key. She is the main vocalist of the group and often brings a lively and cheerful vibe to their performances.

What are Maho Akashi’s personality traits?

Maho Akashi is known for her upbeat and outgoing personality. She is very energetic, optimistic and has a strong passion for music. She is also known to be friendly and supportive to her fellow group members.

What is Maho Akashi’s backstory?

Maho Akashi’s backstory is explored throughout the “D4DJ” franchise. She comes from a musical family and has been surrounded by music since she was young. Maho has always dreamed of becoming a professional singer, and her journey in the series revolves around pursuing her dreams and finding her own style as an artist.

What are Maho Akashi’s strengths as an artist?

Maho Akashi has a powerful and versatile singing voice, which is her greatest strength as a performer. She is also known for her ability to engage the audience and create an energetic atmosphere during live performances. Her enthusiasm and stage presence make her a captivating performer.

Does Maho Akashi have any unique quirks or hobbies?

Yes, Maho Akashi has a unique quirk – she has a habit of randomly breaking into song, even in everyday situations. She also enjoys exploring different musical genres and experimenting with different singing styles. In addition, she is quite fond of animals and often spends her free time visiting pet cafes.