Rika Seto

Original Name (Japanese): 瀬戸 リカ
Romaji Name: Seto Rika
Nicknames: N/A
Series: D4DJ (Dig Delight Direct Drive DJ)
Age: 17
Weight: Unknown
Height: 163 cm (5’4″)
Date of Birth: August 30
Blood Type: Unknown


Rika Seto is the leader of the idol group Merm4id in the D4DJ franchise. She is described as a passionate and ambitious person who aims high and dreams big. Rika is confident in her skills as a DJ and strives to lead her group to success. She also cares about her fellow Merm4id members and wants to help them achieve their goals.


No specific biographical details about Rika Seto’s background are given. As a character in the D4DJ multimedia franchise, her origins and early life are not elaborated upon.

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Rika has light auburn hair, typically worn in curly twintails. She has bright red eyes and a youthful, energetic appearance. Rika’s character design features a colorful, stylish outfit that reflects her identity as an idol and DJ.


Rika is an accomplished DJ, skilled in mixing and performing electronic dance music. As the leader of Merm4id, she is responsible for coordinating the group’s activities and performances. Rika’s skills as a DJ and idol are central to her role in the D4DJ franchise.


Rika Seto is an original character created for the D4DJ multimedia project, which includes an anime series, a mobile game, and other media. She was first introduced as a playable character in the mobile game D4DJ First Mix in 2020.

Rika Seto – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Rika Seto from “D4DJ First Mix”:

Who is Rika Seto?

Rika Seto is one of the main characters of the anime series “D4DJ First Mix”. She is a freshman in high school and the keyboardist of the DJ unit Peaky P-key.

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What is Rika’s personality like?

Rika is described as a cheerful and energetic girl who is very passionate about music and DJing. She is highly motivated and works hard to improve her skills. Rika is also very supportive of her friends and fellow Peaky P-key members.

What is Rika’s role in Peaky P-key?

As a keyboardist, Rika is an integral part of Peaky P-key’s sound. She is responsible for providing the electronic and synth elements that give the group its unique style. Rika’s keyboard skills are showcased throughout the series as she plays complex parts during the group’s live shows.

What is Rika’s relationship with the other members of Peaky P-key?

Rika has a close relationship with the other members of Peaky P-key, especially the group leader Rinku Aimoto. The two are best friends and support each other in their musical endeavors as well as in their daily lives. Rika also gets along well with the other members, Maho Akashi and Nagisa Minato.

Does Rika have any hobbies or interests other than music?

While music is Rika’s greatest passion, she is also shown to enjoy other activities such as cooking and baking. She is a skilled cook and often makes treats for her friends. Rika is also interested in fashion and prides herself on her sense of style.

What is Rika’s backstory and how did she get involved with Peaky P-key?

Not much is explicitly revealed about Rika’s backstory in the “D4DJ First Mix” anime. However, it is known that she has been friends with Rinku for a long time, and that they share a love of music that led them to form Peaky P-key together. Rika’s skilled keyboard playing and enthusiasm for DJing made her an obvious choice to join the unit.