Kotori Shirakawa

Japanese Name 白河ことり
Romaji Name Shirakawa Kotori
Series D.C.: Da Capo
Weight 41kg (90.4lbs)
Height 157cm (5’2″)
Date of Birth June 20
Blood Type A

Kotori Shirakawa from “D.C.: Da Capo

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Kotori Shirakawa is a character from the anime series “D.C.: Da Capo”. She has a unique and complex personality. Although she is widely recognized as the school’s idol and star singer, Kotori herself feels a sense of insecurity at being seen solely as an idol. She is a talented individual, but she carries the burden of being constantly observed by those around her. Despite this, Kotori maintains a friendly and cheerful demeanor, often using cute greetings to express her closeness to others.


Kotori Shirakawa is known as the school’s idol and star singer. She became especially close to Jun’ichi Asakura, the male protagonist, because he was the only one who did not idolize her. It is later revealed that Kotori was actually adopted into the Shirakawa family, and her cousin Sayaka Shirakawa (from Suika) is part of her extended family.


Kotori Shirakawa has a charming and distinctive appearance. She stands at a height of 157 cm (5’2″) and has a weight of 41 kg (90.4 lbs). Her measurements are B83 (33″), W55 (22″), and H84 (33″). Kotori has long, flowing hair and captivating, expressive eyes.


A notable aspect of Kotori’s character is her ability to hear other people’s thoughts. However, she carefully conceals this extraordinary power, keeping it a secret from those around her. This ability adds depth to her character as she faces the challenge of understanding the innermost thoughts and emotions of others while maintaining her own identity.


Kotori Shirakawa is from the anime series “D.C.: Da Capo”. She plays a major role in the storyline, especially in the second season, “D.C.S.S.: Da Capo Second Season” and the spin-off game “D.C.if: Da Capo if.” Kotori’s character development and interactions with other characters contribute to the overall story of the series.

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Kotori Shirakawa – FAQ

Who is Kotori Shirakawa?

Kotori Shirakawa is a fictional character from the visual novel and anime series “D.C.: Da Capo”. She is one of the main heroines and is known for her gentle and caring nature.

What is Kotori Shirakawa’s role in “D.C.: Da Capo”?

Kotori Shirakawa plays a significant role as one of the main love interests in the story. She is often portrayed as the childhood friend of the protagonist and is involved in various romantic and emotional storylines.

What are Kotori Shirakawa’s personality traits?

Kotori Shirakawa is typically portrayed as kind, soft-spoken, and compassionate. She is known for her gentle nature and willingness to help others. She is also shown to be quite shy and reserved at times.

What is Kotori Shirakawa’s relationship with the main character?

Kotori Shirakawa usually has a close relationship with the protagonist, often depicted as childhood friends. Their bond is often a central focus of the story, and their relationship develops romantically throughout the series.

Does Kotori Shirakawa have any special abilities?

In the “D.C.: Da Capo” series, Kotori Shirakawa has a unique ability called “Sakura Syndrome”. This ability allows her to perform magic and manipulate the cherry blossom trees in the series.

What are some memorable moments involving Kotori Shirakawa?

Kotori Shirakawa has several memorable moments in D.C.: Da Capo. Some examples include heartfelt conversations with the protagonist under the cherry blossom trees, emotional confessions of love, and her displays of kindness and support for other characters.

Does Kotori Shirakawa appear in other media besides “D.C.: Da Capo”?

Kotori Shirakawa has appeared in various adaptations of the D.C.: Da Capo series, including several visual novels, anime series, and manga. However, her character is primarily associated with the “D.C.: Da Capo” franchise.