Tyki Mikk

Japanese Name ティキ・ミック
Romaji Name Tyki Mikk
Nicknames Tykipon, Joyd, Joido
Series D.Gray-man
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Tyki Mikk, a character from the anime and manga series “D.Gray-man”, has a complex and fascinating personality. He is known to lead a double life, with a “white side” that portrays him as a carefree and goofy man of Portuguese descent who enjoys playing poker with humans, and a “dark side” that reveals his sadistic nature as a descendant of the Noah family.


Tyki Mikk is the third descendant of the Noah Family and is also known by the Noah name Joido. He represents the “pleasure” of Noah and serves as one of the main antagonists in the “D. Gray-man” series. He has been shown to have immense powers and a deep connection to the history of the Noah clan.


Tyki Mikk is depicted as a light-skinned man with brown eyes. He often dresses casually and has stubble on his chin. As a Noah, his appearance can change, and he takes on a more menacing and sadistic demeanor when his Noah side is unleashed.


Tyki Mikk possesses unique abilities that set him apart from other characters in the series. One of his most notable powers is the ability to selectively interact with his surroundings, allowing him to become intangible and pass through matter or even walk on air. He can also phase his hand into the bodies of his opponents and selectively interact with their organs, such as their hearts, crushing or ripping them out without leaving any external wounds. In addition, Tyki can create a vacuum around anything he wishes, suffocating his opponents or manipulating space to his advantage.


Tyki Mikk originates from the Noah Family, a group of ancient beings who possess immense power and serve as the main antagonists in the “D. Gray-man” series. As the third disciple of the Noah Family, Tyki represents the aspect of “Joy” and plays a significant role in the ongoing conflict between the Noahs and the Exorcists.

Tyki Mikk – FAQ

Who is Tyki Mikk in “D.Gray-man”?

Tyki Mikk is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “D.Gray-man”. He is a member of the Noah Family, a group of superhuman beings who oppose the Exorcists and seek to bring about the destruction of humanity. Tyki is known for his elegant and sophisticated appearance, as well as his ability to transform into a humanoid creature with enhanced strength and speed.

What are Tyki Mikk’s abilities?

Tyki Mikk has several unique abilities. His most prominent power is called “Tees”, which allows him to manipulate space and create a dimension known as “Noah’s Ark”. In addition, Tyki has the ability to transform parts of his body into a solid substance called “Dark Matter,” which gives him enhanced physical abilities. He also has the ability to sense and manipulate the life force of others, allowing him to heal wounds and even revive the dead under certain circumstances.

What is Tyki Mikk’s personality like?

Tyki Mikk is known for his calm, gentle, and refined personality. He often presents himself as a refined gentleman, maintaining a polite and courteous demeanor even in the midst of battle. However, beneath his charming exterior lies a ruthless and merciless nature, as he takes great pleasure in inflicting pain and suffering on his opponents. Tyki is also fiercely loyal to the Noah family and will do whatever it takes to further their goals.

What is Tyki Mikk’s relationship to Allen Walker?

Tyki Mikk and Allen Walker have a complicated relationship throughout the series. At first, Tyki sees Allen as an enemy and wants to eliminate him as a threat to the Noah family. However, as the story progresses, their interactions become more complex. There are moments when Tyki shows a degree of respect and admiration for Allen’s strength and determination. They engage in numerous fights, each trying to prove his superiority over the other.

Does Tyki Mikk have any significant relationships with other characters?

Yes, Tyki Mikk has significant relationships with other characters in D.Gray-man. He is a member of the Noah family, and as such has relationships with other Noahs, including the Millennium Earl, Road Kamelot, and Jasdevi. Of these, Tyki has a particularly close relationship with Road, who often accompanies him on missions and shares a playful dynamic with him. Tyki also has interactions with several Exorcists, including Allen Walker, Lavi, and Yu Kanda.

Is Tyki Mikk a protagonist or an antagonist?

Tyki Mikk is primarily portrayed as an antagonist in “D. Gray-man”. As a member of the Noah family, his goals are aligned with the destruction of humanity, which puts him in direct opposition to the Exorcists, who are fighting to protect humanity from the Noahs. However, like many characters in the series, Tyki’s motivations and actions are not strictly black and white. He has his own set of beliefs and experiences that add layers of complexity to his character, blurring the line between protagonist and antagonist.