Daisuke Niwa

Original Name 丹羽 大助
Romaji Name Daisuke Niwa
Nicknames Dark, Daisuke-kun
Series D.N.Angel
Age 14
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth November 11
Blood Type N/A


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The protagonist of D.N.Angel


Daisuke Niwa is the 14-year-old protagonist of the anime and manga series D.N.Angel. He is portrayed as a kind-hearted, brave, and hardworking boy. Despite his struggles to stand firm when he disagrees with his mother’s ideas, Daisuke is known for his loyalty and strong sense of justice. He cares deeply for his friends and is always ready to protect them. Daisuke possesses a gentle and compassionate nature, which contrasts with the alter ego that resides within him.


Daisuke Niwa is from Azumano and comes from a family with a unique heritage. Since his early childhood, he has been secretly trained by his mother, Emiko, and grandfather, Daiki, to perfect his innate abilities as a thief. The training is designed to hone his thieving skills, allowing him to evade traps, pick locks, and sneak past security systems. However, despite his family’s background in theft, Daisuke’s true passion lies in art, not stealing.


Daisuke is depicted as a typical schoolboy with brown hair and brown eyes. He has a charming and youthful appearance that often attracts the attention of those around him. In his normal form, he can be seen wearing his school uniform or casual clothes. However, when he transforms into his alter ego, Dark, his appearance changes dramatically. His hair turns silvery white and his eyes become a bright red, reflecting the power and presence of Dark within him.


Daisuke possesses unique abilities due to his family lineage. When he experiences feelings of love or intimacy, his DNA merges with that of the famous phantom thief, Dark. This transformation occurs involuntarily, and Daisuke becomes Dark, gaining enhanced physical abilities and thieving skills. As Dark, he can perform extraordinary feats such as leaping from great heights and picking locks with ease. Despite his best efforts, Daisuke struggles to control Dark’s actions and is often unable to prevent Dark from engaging in daring escapades.

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Daisuke Niwa’s story unfolds as he confesses his love to his crush, Risa Harada, only to be rejected. It is during this emotional moment that Daisuke discovers the existence of Dark, a boy who lives within him. As Daisuke delves deeper into his family’s history and the secrets surrounding Dark, he embarks on a journey to unravel the mysteries of their intertwined destinies. Throughout the series, Daisuke’s character evolves as he navigates the complexities of his dual identity and grapples with his own desires and emotions.

Daisuke Niwa – FAQ

FAQ about Daisuke Niwa from “D.N.Angel

Who is Daisuke Niwa?
Daisuke Niwa is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series “D.N.Angel”. He is a teenager who comes from a family with a long history of phantom thieves. On his 14th birthday, Daisuke undergoes a transformation and becomes the legendary Phantom Thief Dark Mousy.
What is Daisuke’s special power?
Daisuke has the ability to transform into Dark Mousy, a skilled and mischievous Phantom Thief. When he experiences feelings of love or intimacy with his crush, Risa Harada, or when his emotions are heightened, he transforms into Dark against his will.
What are Daisuke’s personality traits?
Daisuke is portrayed as a kind-hearted and selfless individual. He is known for his loyalty to his friends and his willingness to help others. Despite the challenges of his double life as Daisuke and Dark, he maintains a positive and determined attitude.
What is the relationship between Daisuke and Riku Harada?
Riku Harada is Daisuke’s childhood friend and the twin sister of Risa Harada, Daisuke’s crush. While Daisuke initially has romantic feelings for Risa, he later develops a close friendship with Riku. They bond over their shared experiences and develop a deep trust and understanding of each other.
What challenges does Daisuke face in the series?
Daisuke faces many challenges throughout the series. He struggles to control his transformation into Dark Mousy and deals with the conflicting emotions he feels as both Daisuke and Dark. He must also navigate his complicated love triangle with Risa and Riku while dealing with the dangers and mysteries surrounding the art of thievery.
Does Daisuke have any allies?
Yes, Daisuke has several allies to help him in his adventures. His best friend, Satoshi Hiwatari, becomes a close confidant and helps him understand the nature of his transformations. Daisuke also has the support of his family, including his grandfather, Daiki Niwa, who guides him in mastering his abilities as a Phantom Thief.
Is there a romantic storyline involving Daisuke in the series?
Yes, there is a romantic storyline involving Daisuke. He initially has strong feelings for Risa Harada and struggles with unrequited love. However, as the series progresses, Daisuke develops a deeper connection with Riku Harada, and their relationship evolves into a significant bond based on trust, understanding, and mutual support.