Original Name クラッド
Romaji Name Kuraddo
Nicknames Homicidal Blond
Series D.N.Angel
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Krad by D.N.Angel: A closer look at the enigmatic character

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Krad, a prominent character in the anime and manga series D.N.Angel, has a complex and intriguing personality. He is portrayed as the complete opposite of Dark, the series’ protagonist, and is Dark’s arch-nemesis. Characterized as calm, cold, and calculating, Krad harbors an intense obsession with his host, Hiwatari Satoshi, and his Hikari duties. Despite his calm demeanor, he displays a deep-seated hatred and pleasure in cruelty, often resorting to violence. Krad’s possessiveness over Satoshi causes him to cut off any close relationships Satoshi tries to form, making him fiercely protective of his host.


In the D.N.Angel series, Krad is revealed to be the alter ego of Hiwatari Satoshi. It is suggested that Daisuke, another main character, is the catalyst for Satoshi’s transformation into Krad. With (Wiz), an entity within the series, despises Krad and constantly tries to attack him. Krad’s history is intertwined with Satoshi’s family, as he is part of a lineage that shares a mutual animosity towards Krad. This animosity is rooted in Krad’s willingness to harm Satoshi, demonstrating the complex dynamic between the two characters.


Krad’s appearance is distinctive and iconic within the D.N.Angel series. He is depicted as a blonde-haired character with a striking and almost ethereal presence. Unlike Dark, Krad has no wings other than his own, symbolizing his independence and disregard for the well-being of his host. His physical appearance perfectly complements his cold and calculating personality, reflecting his enigmatic nature.


Krad has some of the most impressive abilities in the series. He possesses powerful magical abilities, which he uses without hesitation or concern for the consequences to Satoshi. Unlike Dark, whose transformations are triggered by feelings of love, Krad can force his way out of Satoshi at will. This ability can be attributed to Krad’s greater willingness to harm his host, as opposed to the love-based triggers of Daisuke’s transformation into Dark. In addition, Satoshi has the ability to suppress and control Krad to some degree, further illustrating the complicated power dynamic between the two characters.


Krad’s origin lies within the complex narrative of D.N. Angel. As the alter ego of Hiwatari Satoshi, he represents the dark and repressed aspects of Satoshi’s personality. Krad’s creation and existence are intertwined with the series’ intricate mythology, which explores themes of duality, fate, and the struggle between light and darkness. Krad’s origins delve deep into the intricate lore and backstory of the D.N.Angel universe, making him a central and enigmatic character.
In the world of D.N.Angel, Krad is a compelling character who adds depth and complexity to the story. His contrasting personality, intertwined history, distinctive appearance, formidable abilities, and mysterious origins make him an intriguing and integral part of the series. As the protagonist’s arch-nemesis, Krad’s presence creates tension and conflict, further driving the compelling storyline of D.N. Angel.

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Krad – FAQ

Who is Krad in “D.N.Angel”?

Krad is a character from the manga and anime series “D.N.Angel”. He is one of the main antagonists of the story and serves as the dark alter ego of Satoshi Hiwatari, a prominent character in the series.

What is Krad’s role in “D.N.Angel”?

Krad plays the role of a dark entity that possesses Satoshi Hiwatari, creating a split personality within him. He represents the embodiment of darkness, in contrast to protagonist Daisuke Niwa’s alter ego, Dark Mousy, who represents light. Krad often attempts to harm and manipulate others, creating conflict within the story.

What are Krad’s powers and abilities?

Krad possesses several supernatural powers in D.N.Angel. He has increased strength, speed and agility. He can also generate and manipulate dark energy, which he uses to attack his enemies. Krad’s wings, known as “Black Wings,” have the ability to fly and can be used as weapons.

What motivates Krad in “D.N.Angel”?

Krad’s primary motivation is to eliminate the Niwa family and obtain the artwork known as the “Hikari” or “Niwa” paintings. He believes that by doing so, he can free himself from his existence as a mere alter ego and become an independent being. Krad’s desire for power and freedom drives his actions throughout the series.

Does Krad have any unique characteristics or traits?

Krad has distinctive physical features that distinguish him from his host, Satoshi Hiwatari. He has long silver hair and red eyes that intensify when he activates his powers. Krad’s personality is cold, ruthless, and manipulative, demonstrating his dark nature and contrasting with Satoshi’s more reserved demeanor.

How does Krad’s relationship with Dark Mousy develop?

Krad and Dark Mousy have a complex and antagonistic relationship in “D.N.Angel”. They are essentially counterparts, representing the opposing forces of light and darkness. Krad sees Dark Mousy as his rival and often fights with him. Their clashes add to the overall conflict and tension of the story.