Hotaru Shidare

Original Name 枝垂 ほたる
Romaji Name Shidare Hotaru
Nicknames None
Series Dagashi Kashi
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth July 26th
Blood Type Unknown



A spirited sweet enthusiast from “Dagashi Kashi”.


Hotaru Shidare, the main heroine of the anime “Dagashi Kashi”, is a spirited and determined young woman. She has a deep passion for candy and is driven by her desire to make her family’s world-famous candy company the best in the world. Hotaru is known for her enthusiastic and energetic demeanor, often expressing her amazement and admiration for Kokonotsu’s natural talent for creating delicious treats. She is persistent and resourceful, always finding a way to achieve her goals.


Hotaru is from the city and comes from a family that owns a renowned candy company. As the daughter of the company’s owner, she is expected to inherit and run the business in the future. To improve the company’s reputation, Hotaru travels to the rural town where the Shikada Dagashi shop is located. At first, she wants to recruit Kokonotsu’s father, Yo, to work for her family’s business. When Yo refuses the offer, Hotaru becomes determined to convince Kokonotsu to take over the shop instead.


Hotaru has a slender build and is relatively tall. She has shoulder-length purple hair, which she often wears in a flowery headband. Her eyes are a striking shade of blue, and her red nail polish adds a touch of style. Hotaru’s wardrobe usually consists of fashionable and eye-catching outfits that reflect her vibrant personality.


Hotaru may not have any explicit supernatural abilities, but she does have a keen sense of taste and an extensive knowledge of various sweets. Her expertise allows her to appreciate the finer details of confectionery and discern the quality of various treats. Hotaru’s ability to recognize exceptional sweets is an important aspect of her role in the series, as she serves as a guide and mentor to Kokonotsu, sharing her insights and experiences with him.


Hotaru’s journey begins when she arrives at the Shikada Dagashi shop to recruit Kokonotsu’s father. However, as she spends time in the shop and interacts with Kokonotsu, she realizes his natural talent for making sweets. Fearing that his talent will go to waste, Hotaru makes a deal with Yo: if she can convince Kokonotsu to become the head of the shop, Yo will join her father’s company. This sets the stage for Hotaru’s role as a catalyst in Kokonotsu’s development as a confectioner and her own growth as a character.
Hotaru Shidare’s character in “Dagashi Kashi” shows her unwavering determination, passion for sweets, and vibrant personality. Her interactions with the other characters, especially Kokonotsu, drive the narrative forward and provide an engaging exploration of the world of confectionery. As the series progresses, Hotaru’s journey intertwines with the growth of the Shikada Dagashi shop and the development of its characters, making her an integral part of the story.

Hotaru Shidare – FAQ

Who is Hotaru Shidare?

Hotaru Shidare is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Dagashi Kashi”. She is one of the main characters and serves as the female protagonist of the series. Hotaru is the daughter of the president of the Shidare Corporation, a large candy company.

What is Hotaru’s personality like?

Hotaru is known for her eccentric and intense personality. She is extremely passionate about dagashi, which are traditional Japanese snacks. Hotaru is often seen as energetic, impulsive, and somewhat obsessive when it comes to promoting and discussing dagashi. She has a strong desire to educate others about the wonders of these snacks.

What are Hotaru’s interests and hobbies?

Hotaru’s main interests and hobbies revolve around Dagashi. She is very knowledgeable about different types of dagashi and their history. Hotaru enjoys conducting taste tests and explaining the unique flavors and textures of various snacks. She also enjoys challenging others to dagashi-related games and competitions.

What is Hotaru’s role in “Dagashi Kashi”?

In “Dagashi Kashi,” Hotaru serves as the catalyst for the main storyline of the series. She arrives in a small town with the mission of recruiting Kokonotsu Shikada, the son of a dagashi shop owner, to work for her family’s company. Hotaru’s interactions with Kokonotsu and other characters drive the narrative and explore the world of dagashi.

Does Hotaru have any unique characteristics or quirks?

Hotaru has several unique qualities that make her stand out. She has a distinctive way of expressing her enthusiasm for dagashi, often becoming very animated and theatrical. Hotaru also has a remarkable sense of taste, allowing her to detect subtle flavors and ingredients in various snacks. She also tends to be easily distracted by her love of dagashi, sometimes losing focus on other matters.

Is there a romantic relationship for Hotaru in the series?

While Hotaru’s interactions with Kokonotsu occasionally hint at a possible romantic relationship, the series primarily focuses on their friendship and shared passion for dagashi. The dynamic between the characters revolves around comedy and the exploration of dagashi culture rather than romantic relationships.