Mage Nanashiro

Original Name 南那城 メィジ
Romaji Name Nanashiro Meiji
Nicknames None
Series Dance with Devils
Age Unknown
Weight 72 kg
Height 188 cm
Date of Birth August 13
Blood Type Unknown

Mage Nanashiro – The Mysterious Demon of “Dance of the Devils

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Mage Nanashiro, a prominent character in the anime series “Dance with Devils”, has a complex and intriguing personality. He is initially portrayed as the secretary of the student council at Shikō Academy, but is later revealed to be a devil. Mage is known for his tsundere demeanor, often displaying a cold and distant demeanor that hides his true nature and feelings. Despite his initial aloofness, Mage undergoes character development throughout the series, changing from a cold-hearted individual to one who genuinely cares for those close to him.


Not much is known about Mage Nanashiro’s background prior to his involvement in “Dance of the Devils. He is a demon and a member of the student council, holding a position of influence within Shikō Academy. The details of his demon heritage and upbringing remain shrouded in mystery, adding to his enigmatic appeal. As the series progresses, fragments of Mage’s past are revealed, shedding light on his motivations and the struggles he faces.


Mage Nanashiro has an imposing presence, standing an impressive 6’2″ (188 cm) and weighing 159 lbs (72 kg). He has a lean and athletic build that reflects his physical prowess. Mage’s distinguishing features include his bright red hair, which is styled in a unique and striking manner, and his striking golden eyes. His fashion sense is a mix of elegance and darkness, often adorned with sophisticated clothing that complements his devilish nature.


As a demon, Mage Nanashiro possesses various supernatural abilities that contribute to his strength in battle. He possesses exceptional agility, speed, and reflexes, allowing him to quickly navigate through battles and evade attacks. The mage is also a skilled swordsman, wielding his weapon with precision and grace. In addition, he possesses a keen intellect and strategic mind, allowing him to analyze situations and devise effective plans to overcome obstacles.


Mage Nanashiro comes from the anime series “Dance with Devils”, where he is one of the main characters. The series explores the supernatural world, delving into the conflicts between demons, vampires, and other mystical beings. Mage’s role as secretary of the student council initially hides his true nature as a demon, but as the story progresses, his secrets are gradually revealed, intertwining his fate with that of the other characters in the series.
Mage Nanashiro’s character development, enigmatic background, striking appearance, and formidable abilities contribute to his compelling presence in the world of Dance with Devils. As viewers delve into the series, they will be captivated by the complexity of Mage’s personality and the mysteries surrounding his past. Through his journey, Mage evolves from a distant and guarded individual to one who embraces his emotions and fights for those he cares about.

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Mage Nanashiro – FAQ

Who is Mage Nanashiro?

Mage Nanashiro is one of the main characters in the anime and visual novel series “Dance with Devils”. He is a third year student at Shikō Academy and a member of the student council. Mage comes from a prestigious demon family and possesses exceptional magical abilities.

What are the personality traits of Mage Nanashiro?

Mage Nanashiro is known for his cold and distant demeanor. He is often serious and reserved, rarely showing his emotions. Mage is highly intelligent and has a sharp wit. He tends to keep to himself and can appear distant and aloof.

What is Mage Nanashiro’s role in the story?

Mage Nanashiro plays an important role in the plot of Dance of the Devils. As a demon, he becomes involved in a complex web of supernatural events and romantic entanglements. Mage’s actions and decisions have a major impact on the course of the story and the relationships between the characters.

What are the powers and abilities of Mage Nanashiro?

Mage Nanashiro possesses formidable magical powers due to his demon heritage. He is skilled in various forms of spellcasting and can manipulate and control fire. Mage’s abilities make him a formidable opponent in battle and a valuable asset to his demon family.

Does Mage Nanashiro have a love interest?

Yes, Mage Nanashiro develops a romantic interest in the series. He becomes infatuated with the main female protagonist, Ritsuka Tachibana. Their complicated relationship and the conflicts arising from their different backgrounds are a central aspect of the story.

Is Mage Nanashiro a protagonist or an antagonist?

Mage Nanashiro can be considered both a protagonist and an antagonist, depending on your point of view. While he is one of the main characters and plays a crucial role in the story, his actions and motivations sometimes align with the antagonistic forces in the series. His complex nature adds depth to the overall narrative.