Original Name 黒(ヘイ)
Romaji Name Hei
Nicknames Li Shengshun, Lee Hyeonshik, Kuro no Shinigami, The Black Reaper, BK-201
Series Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha
Age (Unknown)
Weight (Unknown)
Height (Unknown)
Date of Birth (Unknown)
Blood Type (Unknown)

Hei – FAQ

1. Who is Hei in “Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha”?

Hei, also known as Li Shengshun, is the main protagonist of the anime series “Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha”. He is a Contractor, a person with supernatural abilities, and works as an assassin for the Syndicate, a powerful organization.

2. What are Hei’s abilities?

Hei has the ability to generate and manipulate electricity. He can create powerful electric shocks, control electrical currents, and even channel electricity through conductive objects. Hei’s abilities make him a formidable fighter and assassin.

3. What is Hei’s personality like?

Hei is often portrayed as a stoic and serious character. Determined and focused on his missions, he rarely shows emotion. However, he also has a compassionate side and cares deeply for his friends and allies. Hei is known for his resourcefulness and strategic thinking.

4. How does Hei get his powers?

Hei is a Contractor, which means he got his powers from the Hell’s Gate incident. This event caused gates to appear all over the world, giving certain people supernatural abilities. Hei’s ability to manipulate electricity is a result of his contract with the Gate.

5. What is Hei’s background and history?

Hei’s background and past are gradually revealed throughout the series. He is originally from China and was trained as an assassin. Hei’s real name is Li Shengshun, and he had a younger sister named Bai who was also a contractor. Tragic events in his past shape his motivations and actions throughout the series.

6. Does Hei have any significant relationships?

Hei forms several relationships throughout the series. One of the most significant is his partnership with Yin, a Doll – a type of Contractor with the ability to perceive and manipulate information. Hei also develops a romantic relationship with another character named Misaki Kirihara, who is a police officer investigating the Contractors.