Zero Two

Original Name ゼロツー
Romaji Name Zero Tsū
Nicknames 002, Iota
Series Darling in the FranXX
Age Unknown
Weight N/A
Height 170cm (5’7″)
Date of Birth February 27
Blood Type N/A

Zero Two (ゼロツー), also known as

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002 and Iota, is a fictional character from the Japanese anime television series “Darling in the FranXX”. She serves as the main heroine and deuteragonist of the series. Zero Two is a human-kaxo-sapien hybrid and a member of the APE Special Forces, fighting on the front lines against the klaxosaurs.


Zero Two’s personality is often described as dangerous, cold, and seductive. Having grown up in a harsh environment, she has a cynical view of life and a distant attitude towards others. She keeps people at a distance with her mocking humor, nihilism, and emotional detachment. Zero Two openly expresses her disdain for society and freely discusses her hatred of it.


Zero Two’s origins are tied to Dr. FRANXX, who created her using the DNA of the Klaxosaur Princess. Despite many failed attempts, Zero Two is the only successful human-Klaxo-Sapien hybrid. Her exceptional parasite potential and general abilities earned her the code number “002”. Unlike the other children of the Garden, Zero Two did not receive regular training to become a Parasite. Instead, she was confined to her room for long periods of time, causing her to develop a sense of captivity.


Zero Two has a distinctive appearance. She has long, pastel pink hair and crimson eyes. Her physical features include a pair of small horns on her head and sharp teeth, further emphasizing her non-human nature. She stands 170cm tall and exudes an aura of confidence and uniqueness.


As a Parasite, Zero Two is a skilled pilot who operates a FRANXX named Strelizia. Her partnership with Hiro, the series’ protagonist, unlocks Strelizia’s “Iron Maiden” form, giving them immense power to fight the Klaxosaurs. Zero Two’s abilities in battle are exceptional, and she possesses remarkable strength, agility, and combat skills.

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Zero Two’s character was introduced in the anime series “Darling in the FranXX,” produced by A-1 Pictures, Trigger, and CloverWorks. She quickly became an iconic character, representing the series and captivating audiences with her unique design, complex personality, and compelling storyline.
Throughout the series, Zero Two undergoes significant character development as she forms a deep bond with Hiro and seeks to find her own humanity. Her journey is intertwined with the fate of the world and the conflict between the adults and the Klaxosaurs.
Zero Two’s character has gained considerable popularity among fans, leading to widespread recognition and numerous fan interpretations, cosplay, and merchandise.
Please note that the information provided is based on the character description from the MyAnimeList website and the “Darling in the FranXX” anime series.

Zero Two – FAQ

Who is Zero Two in “Darling in the FranXX”?

Zero Two, also known as Code:002, is one of the main characters in the anime series “Darling in the FranXX”. She is a humanoid klaxosaur hybrid and a former member of the elite parasite team known as Squad 13. Zero Two is known for her distinctive appearance, with long pink hair, red horns, and red eyes.

What are Zero Two’s abilities?

Zero Two has several unique abilities that make her a formidable pilot. She has enhanced strength, agility, and reflexes that allow her to excel in combat. Her most notable ability is her incredible piloting skills, which have earned her the nickname “Partner Killer”. Zero Two’s connection to her FranXX, a giant mecha, is exceptionally strong, and she can pilot it with extraordinary skill and precision.

What is Zero Two’s personality like?

Zero Two has a complex personality that evolves over the course of the series. At first, she is portrayed as a mysterious and distant character with a cold and ruthless demeanor. However, as the story progresses, her true emotions and vulnerability begin to surface. Zero Two is fiercely independent, headstrong, and often acts on her own. She is also known for her teasing and flirtatious nature, especially towards her partner Hiro.

What is Zero Two’s backstory?

Zero Two’s backstory is gradually revealed throughout the series. She was created as a clone from the DNA of an extinct klaxosaur princess and raised in a laboratory facility known as the Garden. Due to her hybrid nature, Zero Two was subjected to numerous experiments and had her memories altered. She was also given the ability to pilot the FranXX, making her a valuable asset in the ongoing battle against the Klaxosaurs.

What is Zero Two’s relationship to Hiro?

Zero Two’s relationship with Hiro, also known as Code:016, is at the heart of the story. At first, Zero Two sees Hiro as a means to an end, believing that he is the key to reuniting her with her lost partner from the past. However, as they spend more time together, their bond deepens and they develop genuine feelings for each other. Their relationship is one of love, sacrifice, and a deep connection that transcends their roles as pilots.

What is Zero Two’s role in the battle against the Klaxosaur?

Zero Two plays a pivotal role in the battle against the Klaxosaurs. As a Klaxosaur hybrid, she has unique abilities and a deep understanding of their behavior. Her skills as a pilot are unparalleled, and she often takes on the most dangerous and challenging missions. Zero Two’s goal is to eradicate the Klaxosaurs and find her true purpose in life, which is inextricably linked to her relationship with Hiro and her search for identity.