Kotori Itsuka

Japanese Name 五河 琴里
Romaji Name Itsuka Kotori
Nicknames Commander, Efreet, Flame Spirit
Series Date A Live
Age 14
Weight N/A
Height 145 cm
Date of Birth August 3
Blood Type AB


Kotori Itsuka from the anime series “Date A Live” is a character with a multifaceted personality. She is depicted as having two different modes: Imouto Mode and Commander Mode. In Imouto Mode, represented by white ribbons, Kotori shows a gentle and dependent side, showing love and affection for her brother Shidou. On the other hand, Commander Mode, represented by black ribbons, reveals her tsundere and bossy nature, portraying her as a strong and charismatic leader.


Kotori Itsuka is an important character in the Date A Live series. She serves as Shidou’s foster sister and is a middle school student. Kotori is the head commander of Ratatoskr, an organization that teaches Shidou about ghosts and the occurrence of spacequakes. She teaches Shidou how to peacefully rescue ghosts and prevent spacequakes from occurring.


Kotori Itsuka has a distinctive appearance that attracts attention. She is a cute middle school girl with long, light coral hair that falls to her waist. Her hair is often tied up on both sides with ribbons of different colors. Kotori has captivating red eyes that add to her charm. She stands 145 cm tall, giving her a petite stature. Her overall appearance exudes youthfulness and innocence.


As a fire spirit, Kotori possesses several unique abilities. Her angel, Camael, harnesses the power of fire. In battle, she can manifest her weapon as either a giant flaming axe or a heat cannon. Kotori also possesses a remarkable ability to regenerate, which Shidou often uses when interacting with spirits. This ability grants her protection from fatal injuries as long as she has enough “mana”. It also allows her to reverse physical damage to her body, essentially erasing it.


Kotori Itsuka’s origin as a ghost takes place five years before the events of the series. During this time, Shidou sealed Kotori’s powers within himself, which resulted in his ability to regenerate wounds and resurrect. The cause of Kotori becoming a ghost and the erasure of her, Shidou’s and Mana’s memories is attributed to a third entity. Kotori’s powers make her prone to losing control and becoming an aggressive and merciless killing machine when she is in her ghost form for any length of time. For this reason, she considers her spirit powers a last resort and only uses them in desperate circumstances.

Kotori Itsuka – FAQ

Who is Kotori Itsuka?

Kotori Itsuka is one of the main characters in the light novel and anime series “Date A Live”. She is the younger sister of the protagonist, Shido Itsuka, and is known for her energetic and playful personality.

What are Kotori’s abilities?

Kotori possesses the power of a spirit, which gives her various supernatural abilities. Her spirit powers allow her to manifest and control a powerful flaming sword called Camael. She is also able to manipulate fire and has increased physical strength and endurance.

How does Kotori fit into the story?

Kotori plays an important role in the story of “Date A Live”. She is a member of an organization called Ratatoskr, which aims to prevent catastrophic events caused by the appearance of ghosts. As a ghost herself, Kotori actively participates in missions to seal other ghosts and helps her brother Shido in his efforts to save them from destructive fates.

What is the relationship between Kotori and Shido?

Kotori is Shido Itsuka’s younger sister and they share a close bond. However, their relationship is complicated by Kotori’s status as a ghost and her duty to seal other ghosts. Despite the challenges they face, Kotori cares deeply for her brother and often relies on him for support.

Does Kotori have any special traits or characteristics?

Kotori is known for her mischievous and playful nature. She often teases and flirts with her brother Shido, adding a comedic element to the series. In addition, her fiery personality matches her ability to control fire, making her a formidable force in battle.

Can Kotori transform into her ghost form?

Yes, Kotori has the ability to transform into her Spirit form. When she activates her powers, her appearance changes and she gains access to her flaming sword and other spirit abilities. However, transforming into her Spirit form comes with risks, as she can cause destruction and put those around her in danger.