Tooka Yatogami

Original Name 夜刀神 十香
Romaji Name Yatogami Tooka
Nicknames Princess, Demon King
Series Date A Live
Age 16
Weight N/A
Height 155 cm
Date of Birth April 10
Blood Type N/A

Tooka Yatogami from “Date A Live

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Tooka Yatogami, one of the main female characters in the anime series “Date A Live”, has a unique and complex personality. Initially ignorant of the ways of the world, Tooka displays a sense of naivety and childlike innocence. She is shown to have a normal sense of embarrassment and experiences a range of emotions. Despite her lack of knowledge or experience, Tooka can be surprisingly perceptive and understanding of other people’s feelings, especially when it comes to her love interest, Shidou, and her fellow Spirits. She is known to have strong feelings for Shidou, which often lead to jealousy and petty quarrels with other characters.


Tooka Yatogami is the first Spirit to be rescued by Shidou, and joins his class at the end of the first volume of “Date A Live”. At first, she was wary of everyone on Earth due to the constant attacks from the AST (Anti-Spirit Team). However, after being sealed by Shidou, Tooka begins to develop and experience life on Earth. As a spirit, she is constantly targeted by the AST, which fuels her initial resentment of humans. Her perspective changes when she meets Shidou, and she becomes more supportive of his cause to save other ghosts.


Tooka Yatogami has a unique appearance in the series. She is depicted as a young girl with long, flowing pink hair complemented by vivid blue eyes. Standing at a height of 155 cm, Tooka has a slender and graceful figure. Her astral dress, Adonai Melek, adds to her ethereal and enchanting presence. Tooka’s design combines elements of innocence and beauty, making her a visually captivating character.


Tooka is a highly skilled and offensive fighter. Her primary weapon is a sword, which she wields with precision and agility. She possesses a considerable amount of “mana” in her spirit body, which enhances both her offensive and defensive capabilities. Tooka’s primary weapon, Sandalphon, takes the form of a gilded throne that doubles as a scabbard for her broadsword. She can envelop her sword and body in “mana” to unleash powerful physical attacks. In addition, she can unleash high-energy attacks such as laser beams in combination with her sword.


Tooka Yatogami’s character originates from the light novel series “Date A Live” written by Koushi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako. The series follows the story of Shidou Itsuka, who encounters ghosts and tries to save them from causing spacequakes that threaten humanity. Tooka plays a prominent role as one of the main female characters and love interests of Shidou. She undergoes significant character development throughout the series, transitioning from a cautious and emotionally inexperienced Spirit to a more understanding and supportive ally.
Please note that the information provided is based on the character profile of Tooka Yatogami from and the light novel series “Date A Live”.

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Tooka Yatogami – FAQ

Who is Tooka Yatogami?

Tooka Yatogami is a fictional character from the light novel and anime series “Date A Live”. She is one of the main female protagonists and is known for her dual nature as a high school student and a powerful ghost.

What are Tooka’s abilities as a ghost?

Tooka has the power to manipulate flames and create destructive fire-based attacks. She can also manifest her angelic form, Halvanhelev, which amplifies her abilities and gives her increased strength and agility.

What is Tooka’s personality like?

Tooka is initially portrayed as a shy and introverted girl due to her lack of social interaction. However, as the series progresses, she opens up and becomes more loving, caring, and protective of those close to her, especially the protagonist, Shido Itsuka.

How does Tooka’s relationship with the main character develop?

Tooka’s relationship with Shido Itsuka evolves over the course of the series. At first, Shido’s job is to seal Tooka’s powers as a ghost, but he eventually develops feelings for her. As the story progresses, their bond grows stronger and Tooka becomes one of Shido’s closest allies and love interests.

What is Tooka’s connection to the other ghosts?

Tooka has a significant connection to the other Spirits in the series. She is the sister of Kaguya and Yuzuru Yamai, two other Spirits, and shares a deep bond with them. Tooka’s presence often influences their actions and decisions throughout the story.

Does Tooka have any memorable moments or arcs?

Yes, Tooka has several memorable moments and arcs in Date A Live. One notable arc is the Tenou Festival arc, where Tooka and the other Spirits participate in a school festival, leading to various comedic and dramatic situations. In addition, her emotional development and the challenges she faces as a Spirit are explored in depth throughout the series.