Miku Izayoi

Japanese Name 十六夜 咲夜
Romaji Name Izayoi Miku
Nicknames Diva, Tsukino Yoimachi
Series Date A Live II
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


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The enigmatic spirit of “Date A Live II


Miku Izayoi, a prominent character in the anime series “Date A Live II,” has a complex and multifaceted personality. Initially portrayed as a cold and distant individual, Miku’s demeanor stems from her deep-rooted mistrust and disdain for men. She harbors a strong resentment towards them due to past negative experiences. Despite her initial aloofness, Miku gradually reveals a vulnerable and sensitive side as the series progresses. She is shown to be fiercely independent, resilient, and fiercely protective of her personal boundaries.


Miku Izayoi’s background is shrouded in mystery, adding an air of intrigue to her character. She is introduced as a Spirit, a supernatural being with immense powers that manifests in the real world. Before becoming a Spirit, Miku was a human who aspired to become a famous singer. However, her dreams were shattered when she faced false scandals and fell out of favor with her agency, causing her to lose her voice. It was during this desperate time that she met Phantom, who transformed her into a Spirit.


Miku Izayoi’s appearance is striking and captivating. She has long, light blue hair that cascades down her back and captivating blue eyes. Her outfit consists of a dark blue uniform adorned with a simple yellow hair clip. Her Astral Dress, called Shaddai El Chai, is a mostly yellow ensemble with blue and white accents. Miku’s physical beauty is enhanced by her alluring figure and flawless complexion, which she meticulously maintains.


As a spirit, Miku Izayoi possesses extraordinary abilities that set her apart from ordinary humans. Her angel, Gabriel, gives her the power to manipulate and brainwash people. Miku can use her enchanting voice to control others and bend them to her will. She can create powerful sound waves and musical attacks that can incapacitate or influence her opponents. Her singing skills, combined with her supernatural abilities, make her a formidable force to be reckoned with.

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Miku Izayoi’s origin as a spirit is closely tied to the world of Date A Live II. She appears in the series as a student at the Rindōji Girls’ Academy and a popular idol singer. Miku’s deep-seated dislike of men leads her to despise interactions with them, forcing the series’ protagonist, Shido, to cross-dress in order to interact with her. Miku’s journey in the series involves her participation in a singing competition and her subsequent involvement in the battle for supremacy between schools.
In the captivating world of Date A Live II, Miku Izayoi stands out as an intriguing and enigmatic character. Her complex personality, intriguing background, alluring appearance, and extraordinary abilities make her a significant presence in the series. As the story progresses, viewers are drawn into the depths of Miku’s character, witnessing her transformation from a distant and guarded individual to one with hidden vulnerabilities and a desire for genuine connection. Miku Izayoi’s presence in Date A Live II adds depth and complexity to the narrative, making her an unforgettable and integral part of the series.

Miku Izayoi – FAQ

Who is Miku Izayoi in Date A Live II?

Miku Izayoi is a character in the anime series “Date A Live II”. She is a Spirit, a powerful being with supernatural abilities who has been trapped in a crystal for years. Miku has the ability to manipulate sound and uses her singing voice as a weapon.

What are Miku Izayoi’s powers and abilities?

Miku Izayoi has the power to control sound, allowing her to create destructive sound waves and manipulate the thoughts and emotions of others through her singing voice. She can create barriers, project powerful sound blasts, and even control people’s minds to a certain extent.

How does Miku Izayoi’s personality contribute to the story?

Miku Izayoi initially appears to be a cold and manipulative character who uses her powers to control and deceive others. However, as the story progresses, her true emotions and vulnerabilities are revealed, making her a complex and multi-dimensional character. Her personal journey and interactions with other characters contribute significantly to the development of the overall story.

What is Miku Izayoi’s relationship with other characters in “Date A Live II”?

Miku Izayoi has complex relationships with other characters in Date A Live II. She initially sees the protagonist, Shido Itsuka, as her enemy, but later develops feelings for him. Miku also interacts with other ghosts and members of the Anti-Ghost Team, sometimes forming alliances and sometimes clashing with them due to conflicting interests.

Does Miku Izayoi have any character development over the course of the series?

Yes, Miku Izayoi undergoes significant character development in Date A Live II. Initially portrayed as a self-centered and cold-hearted character, her encounters with the protagonist and other Spirits gradually soften her demeanor. She begins to question her own actions and motivations, leading to personal growth and a shift in her perspective on the world and her relationships.

Are there any notable moments or episodes with Miku Izayoi in Date A Live II?

Yes, there are several notable moments involving Miku Izayoi in Date A Live II. One notable episode is Episode XX, where Miku holds a concert using her powers, showing off her singing skills and the extent of her influence on others. Another notable moment is when Miku confronts her own insecurities and makes a pivotal decision that affects the course of the series.